Forget Enlightenment-
And Let’s Travel
At The Speed Of 

Is This You?

  • Do you take things people say personally?
  • Do you hold on to your beliefs and attitudes even when they are no longer working?
  • Do you carry the burden of duty and devotion on your shoulders?
  • Do you ever think you are not really spiritual?
  • Do you even judge yourself?
  • Do you long for an easier journey?

Would you LIKE for THIS to be You?

  • How would you like to laugh more often?
  • Learn to take yourself less seriously?
  • See and appreciate the ‘tricky’ side of spirit? 
  • Realize you are already all you ever need to be?
  • Let go of everything that no longer brings you joy?
  • Connect to the limitless well of freedom within that says “I can do this”?
  • Become resilient to failure and an expert in playing the best game ever created?

Born in Australia, Sharon Snir experienced a wide spectrum of human experiences that shook her world at an early age.

Life was often very confusing. From an early age however, Sharon was in touch with a world that went beyond her physical experiences.

She connected with a being she called Being the ‘golden woman’ from the age of four. Every time life became hard this ‘golden woman’ would appear as she sat under the hibiscus tree in their garden.

For many years, Sharon tried to find herself and her purpose.

She explored different religions, attended countless seminars, read innumerable books and asked the help and guidance of counsellors and a wide variety of therapists.

She studied psychology and went to theUnited States and became a Gestalt Therapist!

But having been criticised and belittled on a regular basis over the years she had become an expert in criticising and belittling herself.

After years of looking, searching and longing for enlightenment she realized none of her efforts to look outside herself would reap the results she was longing for.

So she stopped everything except self reflection, meditation and journaling. In asking for support and guidance she was giving an experience in the year 2000 which changed her life.

Out of that Experience, an Energy System
called The 12 Levels of Being was Seeded. 

And over the next few years it was to become a course that would not only bring deep joy and peace into her life but to every person with whom Sharon teaches this beautiful system of energy.

 The 12 Levels of Being 
2-day workshop

It was an experiential course where we touched, felt, heard and sometimes even sang each level.

We learned that every choice is a creation. We felt our emotions and touched the truth that is our eternal immortal real self.

We gave ourselves permission to let go and stop holding on, holding back, holding out on being our true authentic selves.

And the result?

Living light-heartedly. Letting Be. Accepting the way things without resenlment, disappointment or suffering. 

Introducing The 12 Levels of Being Online Course

Your experience is exactly the same as the 2 day course but it comes to you from your computer, in the comfort of your living room.

This is a 12 week online course where you will receive:

  • One powerful presentation a week for 12 weeks.
  • Downloadable audio MP3 podcasts
  • Meditations
  • Personal homework exercises


  • One hour personal coaching/ conversation  with Sharon!

 The 12 Levels Of Being is for all who wish

to be light hearted
regardless of the situation

Money-Back Guarantee
At the end of the course if you feel you have not gained anything, if the process did not move you towards a greater love of yourself and your life then you have 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Sharon, How do I know this will work for me?

The short answer is that you don’t. This is not a course where I do all the giving and you do all the receiving. Light heartedness cannot be bought, or won, or even gifted. You have to choose. You have to make the shift. This course will give you everything to make that shift but the choice is always 100% yours.

How will my life look after enlightenment?

Much the same as it always had except you will let go more quickly, you will laugh more often, you will dance more freely and you will discover love is your constant companion and fear, well fear will become a thing or the past.

Do I have to do a lesson every week in the online course?

No. Not at all. The lessons come every week but you can do the work in your own time. This is your journey. Your process. Your Life. You play the game at your own pace. The promise to support you, not matter how fast or slow you do the course is still there.

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Look, life is not meant to be difficult. It is possible to live life lightly and to accept what happens with effortless ease. Although every human being knows what it is to undergo heartbreak and painful times, we were not born to suffer.

The 12  Levels of Being point us in the direction of spiritual enlightenment. Of course, the choice to work through each level and even to move into each level is always our own.

Through this life changing course you will heal the emotional and mental issues that have blocked your spiritual progress. You will receive exercises to connect to your soul and you will be shown ways to clearly hear what your soul is saying you.

What you will receive when you sign up for The 12 Levels of Being
online course:

  • 12 Powerpoint presentations                             
  • 12 mp3 podcasts                                                 
  •  12 meditations                                                   
  •  12 exercises                                                       
  •  One hour personal  coaching with Sharon    

The cost is $87.00!

Go On, Take the Next Step

I invite to you to Click Here to purchase now,  and begin living your life at
the Speed of Light-heartedness.

Sharon Snir

P.S. It is time to embrace the reality that every choice is a creation. It is time to love your emotions, bless your successes and relish your failures. It is time to look in the mirror into the eyes looking at you and say with all your heart, “I love you. I just absolutely love, love love you.”

It is time to give yourself permission to let go, stop holding on, stop holding back, and stop holding out on being your true authentic self.  Right Now.




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