The Daily Adventure, aka Life

It all began in India last October. A thought came to me that it was time to sell our home. Clearing away twenty-three years of accumulated possessions left us free to choose what next. The 'what next' was to leave Australia for 5 months, which meant leaving four of our five children, my mother, my sister and most challenging, our gorgeous, divine, adorable granddaughter., But these two grey headed 60 plus oldies, felt the tiime had come to let go and fly, so we boarded a jet plane with two bags each, summer and winter and smiles as wide the ocean we were about to fly over.

We have been ecstatically happy living an-adventure-a-day-kind-of -ife whilst renting our friends apartment just out of Tel Aviv. Every day we wake up and over breakfast explore what do we want to learn today, who do we want to see today or where do we want to go to today.   

So choosing whether we will drive north, south or east ( west is heading into the Mediterranean sea) we set out to learn, see or go somewhere new. The interesting part of this is that no matter what we think we are going to experience we always experience something else.


Israel orange orchard

Take today for example. Today we didn’t decide on an place in particular except we went in the direction of Bazra. Within five minute we found ourselves surrounded by thousands of orange tees whose branches hung heavy with juicy, warm, ripe oranges. Sudanese and Asian orange pickers perched high on turquoise ladders, red scarves covering their faces picked and dropped countless oranges into blue crates. We could smell the oranges from the car. Two men came to our car and offered us a couple of oranges.


oranges The trip to Bazra turned into a jaunt to Rishpon and that turned into meeting finding an outside shop bursting with exquisite Indonesian and Spanish furniture. It just happened to be their third anniversary of being open and so we were offered champagne as we walked around and marveled at a dining room table made from the wood of old boats. And that turned into an accidental discovery of an outlet shop of my all time Israeli designer, Dana Ashkenazi. And yes I found something I didn’t need but love anyway.


Living every day as an adventure is almost addictive.  Planning something new no matter how small has become the only way we leave our apartment. Chores such as buying dishwashing liquid and some veggies for dinner become an outing.  Whether by foot or car we begin a new adventure the minute we wake up. Sometimes I have clients come to our apartment and until now I’m not sure I thought of every session as a great adventure. Yet I do now.

I don’t think I have ever truly lived this way before. I have talked about it, have created some wonderful advenutures but living life as an advenutre? I dont think I have done this consistantly before.

Once again our suitcases are packed and tomorrow we board a flight to Copenhagen to visit our son. and then on to Italy and beyond.We have no idea what this advenutre holds in store for us. We have no idea what life in general holds in store for us. But by taking a few minutes every day to create something to learn, to see or to visit life my life has been enriched a thousand times over.

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