It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
~e.e. cummings

About Sharon Snir

BA; Dip. Early Childhood Education;Grad. Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy;Grad. Dip. Gestalt Therapy, GTC San Diego

Sharon lived in a family where all was not as it seemed. Her childhood included many challenging experiences which left her searching for peace and acceptance. She had a number of ‘imaginary friends’ who helped her through the hardest times. As she grew up she lost contact with these ‘beings’ until, as an adult, she remembered something one of them had often told her. All we have to do is ask and the answer will come to us, one way or the other.

For many years Sharon struggled to find herself through adopting other people’s truths. She studied eastern philosophy,  Kabbalah, and read every spiritual book she could find. She attended experiential workshops, studied psychology, gained post graduate diplomas in psychotherapy, practised many different kinds of meditation and learned as much as she could  about crystals, orbs, essences, sound healing, past life therapy and the list goes on and on.

Human Awareness and Spiritual Awakening

As important as our education is, our true training ground is living consciously from the heart and in the present, which requires us to overcome all denial of what is really happening in the moment. By training in Gestalt therapy Sharon began to learn there is nothing more important than being who we are, being authentic and true to ourselves,  and that who we are is not our gender, our role in our family, our skin colour, our successes or our failures. Of course these are important and help us to learn who we are but in the words of Jan Smutts, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Transcendent Love

When we learn to respond from the highest spiritual quality, loving-kindness, rather than react from our emotions of our mind, we connect to our soul rather than our personality. And important step is to accept that all is perfect  from a spiritual perspective.  It may not seem that way from our physical perspective however, I believe, ultimately all will be well.

From this place we will always be given the wisdom and the guidance we need to move forward. When we understand the significance of events rather than being caught up in the appearance of them we will overcome our inner conflicts and wars. When we listen to our heart rather than defending our beliefs, there will be no more war of any kind. Having said all that to be truly spiritual we first have to embrace being truly human. We must give ourselves permission to feel our feelings and not deny, avoid or judge them. We need to be honest on every level and to be courageous in our dealings with each other. We have to release our need to be right and imagine standing in the shoes of the other, if only to see a different point of view.

Although Sharon learned at an early ago how to connect with her inner wisdom it took her many years reconnect with it again. There is no more beautiful experience, no greater purpose of human life that to be who we truly are. Sharon was guided to create a system of healing that would not only transform her own life but many peoples lives around the world.

One with God

Although it is simply not possible in words to describe the indescribable, going within and connecting to Love Consciousness gives us a feeling of oneness. It takes us beyond duality to a place of peace and stillness. This place is the essence of who we truly are. As Peter Russell says,”If God is the essence of the whole of creation, then God is the essence of every creature, and every person.”

Some people call God, spirit, essence, consciousness, divinity, light, grace, or beauty. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is how to find this part of ourselves, how to become One with God and hold this state of being, regardless of any external situation. If we look at Jesus, The Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, to name just a few, we can feel the energy of Love and sacred passion in each of them. They each taught in their own unique way that love transcends all obstacles.

She was introduced to a system of energy in June 2000 and since that time has continued offer The 12 Levels of Being. Over the years the system has become more and more simple. Its often the case that when we are just learning something we make it so much more complicated than it needs to be. As we develop clarity and understanding we are able to see its beauty and simplicity with fresh clear eyes.

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness

My personal motto: Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness, came about through my love affair with the work of Albert Einstein. His famous equation, E=mc2, captivated me, and I began to wonder what the equation would look like if the energy was not finite or limitedSharon Snir

What would it be like to travel at the speed of infinite energy and what is infinite energy?

Then it hit me – it would be like travelling at the speed of light-heartedness.

There is no limit to light-heartedness. Surely, the purpose of our journey here on this earth is to travel lightly and from the heart.

After almost 40 years of experimenting with various ways to live life, I gradually came to the realisation that by taking myself less seriously and embracing light-heartedness, I could experience greater inner peace and increased joy in all areas of my life.

Professional Life

Sharon began her professional life as an early childhood educator, and over the next fifteen years gained a deep understanding of the developmental stages of infants and children. Those years provided a first-hand insight into the human psyche and acted as the motivator for her transit into the healing profession, both as a counsellor and facilitator / teacher.

Sharon’s training in Gestalt therapy began in 1978 with Dr. Don Diespecker, with whom she worked for over 20 years. She studied psychodrama with Dr. Ari Badaines and acquired a postgraduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Her love for the Gestalt therapy approach led her to the United States where she continued her training for a further three years with the world renowned Gestalt Therapists Dr. Erving and Dr. Miriam Polster in San Diego, California.

Sharon travels to Europe, Asia and the United States and teaches on a wide variety of subjects related to Love Consciousness and Human Awareness

Married for 30 years, Sharon and her husband, Oren have 5 children ranging in ages from 30 to 21. Each individual brings a vibrant, colourful and diverse energy to a rich family life.


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