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  • My Own Christmas Miracle

  • Deservability



    The word ‘deservability’ is not in the 
    Dictionary. I made it up. It is, however, a concept that fascinates me.


    “ She deserves it…”
    “I didn’t deserve that.”
    “He got what he deserves.”
    “I need to prove I really deserve this.”

    Sound familiar? Deservabilty comes from our belief
    that we earn good points and bad points  according to
    how, good, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, wise, appreciative, appropriate, funny, or clever we are. The list goes
    on of course. Deservabilty also comes from the belief
    that if we behave or act in a certain way we can in some
    way control the events in our lives. Although this is
    right to a degree it is never really in our control.  

    In this show we will explore this concept of whether we deserve anything at all and look at the powerful forces of change happening in the world. Do we deserve them or is that too an illusion?

  • Generosity


    One cannot talk about Generosity without including Gratitude.

    Gratitude connects us to our hearts and turns even the most ordinary and mundane experience into a sacred moment. Even the most profound and life changing miracle will lose its brilliance and fade unless it is accompanied by gratitude. I was an unpopular child. I didn’t like running or skipping or playing hide and seek. I loved to read and was considered weird.  Life at home was also often difficult. My mother was both overprotective and at times neglectful. She could be sweet and tender one minute and cruel and dismissive the next. I was severely disciplined, mainly for making up overly creative stories that were seen as lies. So in the face of this I made up games.

     I was about seven years old and I told myself that if I laughed three times in one day I could call it a good day. I would lie in my bed every night and look back through my day and try to find three times where I laughed. It created a very strong relationship between me and gratitude. So the practice of looking back through your day just before you fall asleep and recalling the events in your day for which you are grateful creates within you a magnet that calls more and more moments of grace or everyday miracles into your life. The more we focus our thoughts on something, the more we call it into our life. For example if you focus on rude people, you will probably encounter many rude people in your life. If you focus on your ailments, you will almost certainly experience lots of aches and pains. On the other hand, if you focus on compassion, loving kindness and generosity, the likelihood of you experiencing these in your life is also very high. 

  • LovingKindness

    Let’s look at the meaning of Life. Life does not begin with birth and it does not end with death. Life is consciousness. Life is the blue print inside a seed. It is not just the seed but the purpose and the energy the consciousness of that seed to grow into a plant or a tree.

    And a seed is such an amazing creation. It can look like a speck of dust, or a grain of dirt and yet it holds within it all this Life. All this consciousness.

    An apple seed can grow not only into an apple tree but into an orchard. A whole orchard of sweet red and green apples that comes out of a seed.

    We too come from a seed. A seed of the universe of Life. Every soul is a seed of the divine. I think of the Divine as Unconditional Loveingkindness. It is Love Consciousness. It is Lovingkindness Consciousness. It is Compassion Consciousness. And that is what we come from and who we are. That is Life. Life is Pure Love Consciousness. And it has no beginning and it has absolutely no end. And it is present.

  • Fire Meditation

    Burning the old and allowing the smoke to rise and dissolve inot the ehters of the universe leaves us cleansed and renewed.

    Meditation Fire

  • Water Meditation

    Refresh and revitalise your energy through the purity of  sparkling clear water

    Meditation Water

  • Earth Meditation


    Moving through the 7 layers of the Earth we connect to the core of Mother Earth with love and carry that energy into our everyday life.


  • Air Meditation

    Connect to the spirit of who you are with your own sacred breath and remember the oneness of all that is