Do you have the patience to wait
Till the mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?
Tao Te Ching



The Daily Adventure, aka Life

It all began in India last October. A thought came to me that it was time to sell our home. Clearing away twenty-three years of accumulated possessions left us free to choose what next. The 'what next' was to leave Australia for 5 months, which meant leaving four of our five children, my mother, my sister and most challenging, our gorgeous, divine, adorable granddaughter., But these two grey headed 60 plus oldies, felt the tiime had come to let go and fly, so we boarded a jet plane with two bags each, summer and winter and smiles as wide the ocean we were about to fly over.

We have been ecstatically happy living an-adventure-a-day-kind-of -ife whilst renting our friends apartment just out of Tel Aviv. Every day we wake up and over breakfast explore what do we want to learn today, who do we want to see today or where do we want to go to today.   

So choosing whether we will drive north, south or east ( west is heading into the Mediterranean sea) we set out to learn, see or go somewhere new. The interesting part of this is that no matter what we think we are going to experience we always experience something else.


Israel orange orchard

Take today for example. Today we didn’t decide on an place in particular except we went in the direction of Bazra. Within five minute we found ourselves surrounded by thousands of orange tees whose branches hung heavy with juicy, warm, ripe oranges. Sudanese and Asian orange pickers perched high on turquoise ladders, red scarves covering their faces picked and dropped countless oranges into blue crates. We could smell the oranges from the car. Two men came to our car and offered us a couple of oranges.


oranges The trip to Bazra turned into a jaunt to Rishpon and that turned into meeting finding an outside shop bursting with exquisite Indonesian and Spanish furniture. It just happened to be their third anniversary of being open and so we were offered champagne as we walked around and marveled at a dining room table made from the wood of old boats. And that turned into an accidental discovery of an outlet shop of my all time Israeli designer, Dana Ashkenazi. And yes I found something I didn’t need but love anyway.


Living every day as an adventure is almost addictive.  Planning something new no matter how small has become the only way we leave our apartment. Chores such as buying dishwashing liquid and some veggies for dinner become an outing.  Whether by foot or car we begin a new adventure the minute we wake up. Sometimes I have clients come to our apartment and until now I’m not sure I thought of every session as a great adventure. Yet I do now.

I don’t think I have ever truly lived this way before. I have talked about it, have created some wonderful advenutures but living life as an advenutre? I dont think I have done this consistantly before.

Once again our suitcases are packed and tomorrow we board a flight to Copenhagen to visit our son. and then on to Italy and beyond.We have no idea what this advenutre holds in store for us. We have no idea what life in general holds in store for us. But by taking a few minutes every day to create something to learn, to see or to visit life my life has been enriched a thousand times over.

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The Land of Milk and Honey- Day One

We arrived to our new home for the next five months in a place called Ra'annana. Fifteen minutes from the hear of tel Aviv
Jet lag woke us early and so we decided to go out and walk. We have a lovely little mackolet ( corner store) not far from our home and the quality of the fruit and veggies is wonderful.  They even have worcestershire sauce. Ah Ra'annana!
As we continued down the road to fine the big Canion ( Shopping Centre ) we passed an orange orchard on the side of the highway.

There were  rows of trees  bursting with huge juicy oranges. We literally stopped to look through the wire fence at this wonderful part of Israel. A little further  we  passed palm  trees bursting with ripening dates. 
An old lady was sitting at the bus stop and Oren said 'Boker Tov' good morning, to which she replied, "Boker Tov. Elohim Ishmor. Ti'iyu Bri'im" – Good Morning. May God keep you. May you both have good health.
We looked at each other. We had just been seriously blessed. Only in Israel.
Israeli is always an experience. Delicious fresh salad, eggs, avocado, cheese. Who can eat so much food?
Inline image 1
We did!
Huge day of remembering Israeli bureaucracy. After 6 and 1/2 hours we eventually rented a car!! 
Avis had offered us an old bomb, broken seats, filthy, scratched, with a replaced bumper bar and a different colour bonnet to the rest of the car and raised their  eye brows when we said thats not fit to be a rented car. " Take it or leave it," she said with an extra long cigarette hanging from her mouth.  We'll leave it, thank y….. She had turned around before we even finished thanking her.
So now to find a car. It took hours of phone calls but eventually my friend from whom I we are renting the apartment suggested one company and they had a car. Promising us that the slight odor will go as soon as we star up the engine, we drove home only to realise we were choking on the left over smoke from countless packets of cigarettes smoked by the last driver. I can't believe Im saying this but, yes, we are going back tomorrow to ask for a change of car. 
It is now 4 am. We woke up around 2am and decided it was time to eat again. We've been watching TV, skyping Orly, our daughter and waiting till tiredness comes again. Meanwhile we are both enjoying our jet lag to the fullest.


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Inner Peace Meditation

  Take a few minutes to stop everything and empty your mind of all thoughts, concerns and worries. For the next few minutes let go and become empty.

Let go and find within you, your natural state of being.

Your Inner Peace.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

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Alzheimer’s and my mother Lily

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A little poop on the nose

It was a chilly morning. Spring is trying to squeeze through the chill of winter but the unseasonably cold air pushes it back. Chino however, has no awareness of the seasons, past or present. With the leash clipped onto his purple collar we begin our morning walk. Actually I would call it more a stop and start experience. Chino has three speeds. Stop, Sniff and Full Speed Ahead.

Every leaf distracts him. He is caught in the moment of movement and then suddenly without warning he sits down, back straight and simply looks at something. I follow his eyes to see what is he looking at but I can’t always see what he sees. It seems to me sees beyond the veil of the world that I look at and that which is invisible to me catches his attention. He becomes so still.

I wait. I am patient. At least I try to wait patiently, and then, softly, not wishing to force a human rhythm on this new being I say, Come Chino.

On this particular morning, for the very first time he stopped in the middle of the road and did a little poop. I mentally noted that means I have to bring a plastic bag with me next time. Turning round he looked carefully at this tiny sausage shape and then bent down to sniff it. I forced myself to remember that this is what dogs do but on raising his head I saw he had a tiny little bit of poop on the end of his nose.

Oh good grief. What  do I do  now? If I try to take it off, who would I be taking it off for? Certainly not Chino. He is not at all concerned. In actual fact it seemed to me that having a tiny bit of poop on the end of his nose added to the joy of the walk.

So realising Chino was simply being who he is, I too ignored the addendum, hanging off the end of his nose and continued to enjoy our walk.




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The One Simple Truth

Sharon: Is it possible to Be Unconditional Love whilst we are physical? In other words is it possible to  pass through The 12 Levels of Being completely.

John: It is more than possible. It is the purpose of being human.

Sharon: Oh! How wonderful.

John: If you look at all of the Master Teachers of all of the ages each of them incarnated to teach this one simple Truth, that even in a physical body the individual can transcend states of being to achieve unconditional love. Love which is ever expansive, irrespective of the circumstances. Unfortunately in your world the focus has been on the suffering of these Teachers rather than the outcome they have attained.

Sharon: Yes I can really see that.

John:  When there is a new consciousness manifesting upon the earth, a new psychic consciousness, and this occurs approximately every 2000 years of your time we have another attempt to elevate the consciousness of the people of your planet and we are always successful and we are never totally successful. That is how it is intended to be.


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Black Holes and Love

Sharon: You mentioned that each level of being has two polarities. One pole is of fear and the other love. Do we go through something like a black hole to reach the energy of love? Does Fear magnetise Love and draw it through some kind of  black hole?

John: Every individual has their own black hole because a black hole is the means of differentiating between being in a physical manifestation and being in a spiritual manifestation. When it is time to pass into Spirit each individual withdraws the energy through the tunnel of light, however before you get to the tunnel, you have to go through the black hole. The tunnel of light means they are already crossing over to the other side? Do you see?

S: Mmmm In a way.

John: Black holes exist as the polarity of stars. A star is a point of light, is it not?

Sharon: Yes:

John: It is a point of physical manifestation. When the star has served its purpose it is drawn through a black hole because the black hole is the polarity of the star. One is Matter and the other is Anti Matter.

Sharon: A black hole is Anti Matter.

John: However when a star is drawn into this hole of antimatter what occurs is that it pops out the other side in a totally different dimension of being. And so to return to your original question, Love exists in a dimension that does not exist on your earth, therefore fear magnetises Love and the only way that Love can be effective is through this Black hole, because that is the means of moving from one dimension to another. So Love becomes a form of antimatter until it manifests itself as matter in your material world.

Sharon: You are describing a circular process.

John: That is so. Cannot be separated.  This is where we begin and this is where we end. It is indivisible because it is continually evolving, developing and growing as is your Universe.

Sharon : Therefore Love is infinite because it too is ever evolving?

John: That is so. And everything else is part of Love. It is Love expressing Itself in many forms in order to understand the complexity of its potential. Unfortunately in the human mind Love is seen as simply another state of emotion rather than being seen as the Supreme State of Being.



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Integrating what we do and who we be

Sharon: How do we integrate what we do and who we Be?

John: If you focus of what you are supposed to be doing then you are focussing on an outcome. If you focus on who you are being now you are focussing on the journey to the outcome.

Sharon: Can you say more?

John: You set your goal. Be very clear about it and then you forget about it. Because your Higher Mind holds the blue print. Once you have set your intent, the Mind knows what it is you wish to achieve and you just continue with your day to day situations and your Higher Mind is very busy operating behind the scenes creating the outcome which is the goal you have set.

Sharon: WOW its like programming a computer.

John: Exactly the situation. You are able to be working on one thing on your computer and at the same time the mechanics which enables you to use this system are still operating where you cannot see them and being very efficient about it.

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Level 7 of Being- INTENT

Drawing upon the Magician Within.
The magician explores and understands the spiritual laws of Intent. Setting Intent comes from the Divine and once it is set it is best to forget all about it. The blue print of that Intent will carry it to our Higher Mind where, if we choose, it will become our Intention. When we explore the power of intention we open ourselves to transcend all limitation

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Level 6 of Being -Mass Consciousness

Everything is interconnected.
Who we become is either because of the culture into which we are born or in spite of it.
Level 6 creates the opportunity to look through the lens of humanity from a cultural, national, religious perspective. Does the culture support and enhance who you are and what you want to do or does it limit your expression of yourself.

In Level 6 we can choose to look at events at a universal level or a mundane level. The Mundane Aspect is where we feel an attachment to the emotion. The mundane presents us with a linear perspective. We become attached to the appearance. Someone has to be at fault or to blame for what happened.

The Universal Aspect presents the event, or the situation as an ongoing part of the cycle. It is where the significance of an event is seen from the perspective of humanity.

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