The 12 Levels of Being

The 12 Levels of BEING is a system of energy through which we all evolve. Each level guides us towards living more joyfully, more productively and more peacefully. As we move  through the spiral of  each level, we gain a deeper sense of who we are and what it is that brings us joy. 


The 12 Levels of BEING are unifying threads of energy that enable us to deepen our awareness of all that is happening and allow us to lift our consciousness to greater heights.

 The 12 Levels of Being guides us towards living our life in union with our true essence. 

As we move through the 12 Levels of Being we move deeper and deeper into the truth of who we are. As we move through each level of being we evolve, we shift our perspectives and lift our vibrations beyond the mundane towards limitless joyful potential of who we are.


In reading this book you will embark on a spiritual adventure which starts with Sharon's  channeled conversation and first “meeting” and with an Ascended Master called John the Beloved (JtB).  Sharon is flatly told by JtB that she had come to this life with a plan and a purpose about which she had forgotten.

This conversation became an extraordinary spiritual journey through awakening consciousness in which Sharon developed a model and a course called The 12 Levels of Being.

The model is made up of three pyramids, each containing four different, but energetically linked levels of awareness. Each pyramid represents a different dimension of Being: physical, soul and universal. In the book, we are guided through each level and  “As we open ourselves to insights, knowledge and wisdom we move towards self-realization and experience greater degrees of freedom.” (p.28) There are many more aspects of complexity to the model: Sharon's conceptualisation of the model is like a beautiful, three-storied castle with many floors and many rooms within each floor. She leads us from room to room, helping us to meet different aspects of our self, our soul and our spirit, all in preparation for the ultimate encounter with God and our own divinity. Her goal is to assist us to develop our personal powers of conscious awareness, contemplation and intuition and to ascend the twelve levels and in so doing  build an even stronger, interior castle of our own, inside which is profound inner peace.

Finding a joyful, effective and practical way to live a meaningful life is a struggle that each human being eventually must face. We come to grips with the forces of materialism and the drive for enjoyment, but these eventually leave us unfulfilled and unsatisfied with our lives. We eventually have to choose carefully what we do and how we live. This book carefully combines philosophical concepts with a very practical approach to living a spiritual life.

Sharon Snir is a spiritual seeker, a traveller and a teacher. She has shared with us her insights, her spiritual knowledge, mystical experiences and her enlightenment into a new world in which we can “step beyond the physical appearance of our lives and to see and appreciate the significance of our life events” (p.29). This, her first published work, will entertain, inform and enlighten the reader. It is a pure delight to read some very powerful, personal anecdotes which speak directly to our heart.  The 12 Levels of Being is a call to hearing and understanding the guidance of our soul and to trust and be guided by our own profound inner wisdom.

Reviewed by Ilona Nichterlein, Eduator and Counsellor, Canberra


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