“The highest form of wisdom is kindness”
– The Talmud

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles


Have you noticed how quickly the days come and go? How often we shake our head when we realise it is already Thursday? How August seems to creep up behind and leave us wondering where in the world April, May and June went?

When life becomes too busy, few of us stop long enough to take a deep breath, let alone pay attention to the little moments of magic that happen around us every day. And yet, most of us have at one time or another experienced these moments that I call everyday miracles.
There’s something about miracles that’s utterly enticing. Just to hear about a miracle makes you feel more hopeful. It doesn’t matter whether this miracle happened to you or to a complete stranger—it can still delight you. It’s a delight that lingers, that leaves you with a spring in your step. Suddenly life doesn’t seem so difficult. But where are miracles to be found, and how do they come about?
In this beautiful collection of inspiring true stories, everyday people share moments of unexpected courage and kindness, chance meetings and remarkable coincidences, showing us that miracles can take us out of the darkest places and give us the courage to get moving again. They’re a divine catalyst, which reminds us that the impossible may just be possible.
The perfect book for anyone wanting to experience a little of life’s magic.
Below is the wonderful Walter Masons interview with me.
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