"Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't have to like it… it's just easier if you do."
— Byron Katie


It was 12 years ago when, through spiritual guidance, I was called to ‘remember’ my true self. I was told I had been playing it safe and that there was a system of energy that I was to teach known as The 12 Levels of Being. It took me a number of years to let go of all my fears of not being good enough, before I allowed myself to receive The 12 Levels of Being and embrace true Love Consciousness. This system of energy guides us towards the sacred connection to our True Self  through Love. First we need to Love ourself, loving others then follows with effortless ease.

What is the Meaning of Love?

Unconditional Love is a State of Being. It is not the warm and fuzzy feeling we get holding a puppy, or even walking into the sunset with our beloved. Unconditional Love comes from within and once ignited it never goes out, regardless of what may be happening around us.

Sharon is founder and creator of a system of learning, called The 12 Levels of Being, dedicated to developing an unconditional love for self and an understanding of the processes every human being undergoes in order to overcome life’s illusions. This system of learning interrupts our addiction to wandering off into the past and the future and teaches how to recognise that everything is perfect right here, right now, in this present moment.

The 12 Levels of BEING is a system of energy through which we all evolve. Each level guides us towards living more joyfully, more productively and more peacefully. As we move  through the spiral of  each level, we gain a deeper sense of who we are and what it is that brings us joy.

The 12 Levels of BEING are unifying threads of energy that enable us to deepen our awareness of all that is happening and allow us to lift our consciousness to greater heights.

 The 12 Levels of Being guides us towards living our life in union with our true essence. 

As we move through the 12 Levels of Being we move deeper and deeper into the truth of who we are. As we move through each level of being we evolve, we shift our perspectives and lift our vibrations beyond the mundane towards limitless joyful potential of who we are.

This is a truly exciting time in our lives and you are invited to step into the most powerful moment of your life and join the many hundreds of people, in Australia, the United States, Japan, the Middle East and Cyprus who have experienced The 12 Levels of Being.

Sharon is committed to travelling where ever people gather to learn The 12 Levels of Being. Her commitment is always that the Two-Day workshop will be  transformational for all  concerned or 100% money back guarantee.

 Contact Sharon to book a Two -day workshop OR

 ONLINE COURSE  to experience The 12 Levels of Being in your own home 

From the comfort of your home you can join many other participants who have experienced the wisdom of The 12 Levels of BEING.  

Online webinars and teleseminars also bring  together participants to discuss and to learn this revolutionary and yet simple system together.  Once you have enrolled in the course you will begin to receive lessons every week for 12 weeks. Powerpoint presentations, meditations, , theroretical notes and more will be emailed to you. Pure Love and  clear intention have been key ingredients in making this course a transformational and  empowering experience.

Included in the online course is a personal one hour session with Sharon.

What are The 12 Levels of Being?

Sharon's System includes both theory and practice. The first 4 levels introduces us to the power of Choice and invites us to take full responsibility for every choice we make. 

The next 4 levelsshow us how to stay centred regardless of external forces and to focus on the heart of our being.

The next 4 levels brings us to fully embrace our human perfection and enter into a divine relationship with the essence of who we are. This is also known as Love consciousness. Love consciousness disolves the need to be who we think we should be, rather to be who we truly are- pure love. By connecting to pure love, by embracing our perfection we overcome duality and experience union with Spirit.

Level 1 of Being: Choice

From Fear to Love

Reconciling two aspects of Self (that which fears and that which loves) through identifying and understanding how beliefs, values and perspectives drive choice.

Level 2 of Being: Connectedness and Harmony

The Emotional Body

Through narrative, myth and fairytale we explore how we in fact choose how to feel in any given situation.

Level 3 of Being: Balance

Yin Yang/Matter and Anti-matter

By recognizing and embracing the polarities that operate within, we begin to align Choice and Harmony through the power of reason.

Level 4 of Being: Time

Timeliness and Timelessness

Awakening our awareness to our own unique rhythms we move from the constrictive finite perspective of time to embracing the expansive infinite cycle of energy.

Level 5 of Being: Space


The study and exploration of Space creates a vehicle through which we can gain insight and understanding into the realm of Universal Consciousness. Scientists can now explain how matter dispersed at the end of a planet's life is gradually reformed to create a new planetary body. We can thus see the microcosm of human life reflected through this very same phenomenon.

Level 6 of Being: Mass Consciousness

Appearance and Significance

When the consciousness of humanity is stuck in the physical reality, appearances become the truth. Looking beyond the physical, we explore life from a new and exciting perspective and in doing so we open our minds and our hearts to the Significance of All That Is.

Level 7 of Being: Intention

Drawing Upon the Magician Within

The magician explores and understands the spiritual laws of Intention. The manifestation of Intention for the highest good of all concerned integrates the Will of Self with the Will of Spirit.

Level 8 of Being: Spiritual Service

Embracing  Limitlessness

Spiritual service is understanding and expressing love through action and non-action, and wisdom through silence and sound.

Level 9 of Being: Planetary Consciousness

Chaos – The Fall and Re-Integration

We explore the energy of Destruction and Creation through Chaos and discover how to move from chaos to Unconditional Spontaneity.

Level 10 of Being: Solar Consciousness

Connecting to the Monadic Being. Union with Spirit.

Moving out of our Planetary Consciousness we connect align ourself to our true essense. The spirit of who we be. The Solar System shares her gift of understanding through Harmonious Cooperation and in turn we too learn to do the same.

Level 11 of Being: Galactic Consciousness

The Mind of God

Connection to the Mind of God requires Clarity, Intent and the recognition of Universal Symbol

Level 12 of Being: Universal Consciousness

BEING one with GOD

Once we have connected to our Spirit or as it is also called, our Monad, we then choose how to express ourSelf as BEING ONE with the Source of All Life.

Level 12 is the vibrational Frequency of the Divine Feminine. Level 11 is the Divine Masculine.

Practitioner training course

Those students who have completed the whole course of the 12 levels of being are eligible to do the teacher training course.

This course will include:
-advanced master classes of the 12 levels of being.

-experiential work including teaching small groups and providing written evaluation of their work

-Students will be required to provide a concise and detailed description of each level and how to address issues that will arise in the teaching of this work.

– A 2000 word essay is required on an aspect of the 12 levels of being

– One full day of refresher for Teachers per year



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