The Sora System

The Sora System is a process that combines The 12 Levels of Being with  The 4Ps: Presence, Power, Purpose and Practise for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness.

Sora has many meanings. It is an American bird. In japanese it means sky. In Slovenia there is the Sora river. But for me it is the name my parents gave me. It is my Hebrew name.

 A 3-month process

Are you travelling at the speed of light-heartedness?

Since 2004 I have been writing and teaching through the guidance and wisdom of The 12 Levels of Being. Every time I teach this work I notice a shift in myself as I understand a little more about the power and the gift of The 12 Levels of Being.

This program is an extension of The 12 Levels of Being however, no prior knowledge is required. It is a complete program in and of itself. It incorporates all the the 12 levels of Being with the Sora System.

What can I expect to get out of this Program?

In these times of change and challenge we often wish we had a process that is easy to remember and simple to use.  A process that we can call upon at any time that can help us unravel the confusion, clarify the upset and quieten noise that often interrupts our peace of mind. The Sora System is four keys that help us navigate our way back to Balance.

This program creates a pathway towards deeper Acceptance, Understanding and Compassion towards ourselves and towards those we know personally and the many beings on Earth with whom we are connected physically, mentally emotionally  and Spiritually


When we remember who we really are, and claim the POWER to Choose, one choice at a time we engage the heart.  When we claim the power to choose to let go, to understand, to love, to release judgment and to accept all that is, we become unconditionally free. Freedom is not something we are given. It is always in our POWER to choose how to respond, every minute of every day of our lives. The Power to Manifest that which you want is a big conversation. There are a number of aspects of claiming the Power to manifest that which your soul is choosing for you. This Power requires us to be unconditional in our Manifestation process. Any condition, such as an If only, or when I … or until I feel… or not so sure if I deserve …. all these conditions interfere and indeed obstruct Manifestation. To claim our Power is to let go of control. To hand over that which we want once we have been clear and unconditional in what we are choosing to  manifest.


The purpose of The Sora System is to use these 4 keys, to reconnect with our true nature. Every child is born with a clear purpose, a blueprint of who she/he is and what service she/he brings into the world. Every child begins to shine their light through their unique personality from a very early age. Some children smile at anyone they meet, some children are very quiet and observe the world around them while some children are natural leaders. There are children who come into the world with so many challenges and others who appear to skate through childhood with ease. No one is born without a purpose and yet life has a way of causing us a bit of amnesia and we sometimes need a little help remembering what it is. This course wakes up, puts us back in touch with our guidance and gets our purpose back on the road.

One of the ways we are going to explore our purpose is to question ourselves on our purpose when we say or do something this weekend.


Although the person we are is important, we are in fact Presence first. The presence that is you, your best friend, your child and your green grocer is really the same presence. Our presence comes from that indivisible, radiant, vibrant, spark that is the Love and the Light of the Source of all Life. When we are connected to that spark that allows us to intuitively know someone and even in the silence of a moment feel a connection, and an intimacy. It is that luminous spark within is untouchable, indestructible and indivisible. Call it Spirit, The Universe, Allah, God, Adonai, or Source.  In the words of my Teacher, John the Beloved, “When you are at One with the Source you are not less, you are not more, you are equal to Source. You are not, even though we suggest you surrender to your higher self, you are not in servitude.  Each exists and sustains the other. And when people in your world understand and recognize that, they will cease their battles and their wars and their shootings. They will cease their jealousies and their rages, your weather patterns will settle and your peoples will settle and there will be peace. Because the focus will not be on how much less they have than another, because if you are equal to Source you are equal to all.”

However,  we can be hooked or taken in by the presence of people who have ulterior motives that not only have our best intentions at heart.

There are energies that can overwhelm us.

Unless we are PRESENT we will misunderstand or mistake the intention of the those who are present in our lives.   Some will inevitably be for our highest good but there are some that are not. 

To develop our own presence we have to practice being present.

That is the core of this work. 

The clue to when and what we need to practice is discomfort. It is the greatest gift we can have.

As long as we are comfortable we cannot grow. As long as we are going along with the majority because we are in a club or a group or a community and we follow the rules of that group we  can feel comfortable and safe but we may not grow significantly. And that is okay. We don’t have to grow all the time but as soon as we start to feel even a twinge of discomfort we have a choice  to explore the discomfort or to ignore it.

When we are fully present we are aware of the significance of that which occurs in our lives. When we are present we need to listen more than we talk. We need to listen to our inner chatter, we need listen to how other people relate to us, we need to listen to our own words and recognise what is the purpose here of our talking. Is it to share, to convince, to defend to explain or perhaps even to survive.

Being present to how we occur is the beginning of aligning to our Divine Presence.


If you go to the gym, or are a doctor or a dentist or a dancer or a meditator you will have a practice. A health practice, a medical practice, a spiritual practice and within all those practices you only improve if you PRACTISE. A practice is a noun and to practise is a verb. How I remember this is that ICE is a noun.

If we are to develop and improve our practice we need to Practise. The more we practise the more empowered we become.

During this program we practise  beautiful meditations and powerful exercises. we have homework that has work to practise along with affirmations and conversations in your own way, in your own time, with or without a partner.

In this beautiful workshop The 4P’s are the catalyst to The 12 Levels of Being

What are The 12 Levels of Being?

The 12 Levels of Being guides us into, out of, and through every life situation. Each Level has a purpose, a presence and a power to transform our lives. It offers us a deeper understanding of ourselves and gives us the choice to grow, learn and even sometimes to simply rest. We learn to understand the appearance and the significance of every situation and in so doing we can make educated and informed choices. As we become more adept at making choices from Love are able to move through life’s challenges and lift our energy into the next Level of Being.

Imagine peeling an orange into a perfect spiral and then attaching another spiral onto that and then another and another. Then curling all the spirals softly into a ball. This is like The 12 Levels of Being. Each spiral (Level) can and sometimes does intersect another spiral (Level) and as we travel through our life experiences, realizing the significance of each situation and event we raise our energy higher and lift ourselves elegantly into another level.

What is the Sora System?

These are four keys that open any number of doors to living life with effortless ease.

These four keys can be used individually, two at a time or all together.

The more frequently you use them the easier it is to travel at the speed of light-heartedness.

This is a three month program. We will meet once a month, for 3 months.

Between our meetings we will be putting The Sora System  into action, as this is a process that can be accessed throughout one’s whole life,  and your participation includes a one hour session with me to support you in this process.

Date:  FEBRUARY 2019  Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th 

This is a three month program that includes:

One weekend and a 2- online meetings

Weekly homework is sent via email every week and responded to weekly

One hour session Sharon

Payment for the whole program is $660

Venue: Sydney, NSW venue TBA

If you’d like to sign up for this program online, you can do so through either of the following options, depending on your payment preference:

Register Here (Automated payment via PayPal or credit card)

Register Here (Manual payment via Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer)

Alternatively, you can contact Sharon to learn more about the program and/or to enroll in the The Sora System.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0418 249 739


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