Guide you towards the sacred union with

Who You Are

Each essence is a beacon of light

How are they made?                                                  

The Essence of JOICE was the first essence to be made on February 19, 2011.

The word JOICE is a combination of two words- Choice and Joy and came into being over a full 24 hour labour of love.

Infused with the energy of the full moon, full sun and then irradiated by the a huge sacred merkebah, pure thought, loving prayer and Divine Will saturated  the vibrated water with all the positive qualities of the first level of Being, Choice.

One month later, on 19 March 2011, during the Super Full Moon the next three essences chose to come. The water was vibrated for three nights and three days and then the positive qualities of levels 2, 3 and 4 were infused into the vibrated water.

Thus was born,The Essence of Harmony,The Essence of Understanding  andThe Essence of Time

Each Essence connect us to the corresponding Level of Being and guides us through that level so that we can master it with a greater degree of ease.

The essences are used orally, 3 drops morning and evening.

The 12 Essences simply bring us back into alignment with our true self.

Each of the 12 levels of being invites to you remember who you are. Every level always begins with Choice.

1. It’s your Choice

2. Feel your Emotions

3. Don’t believe everything you think

4. Take your time

5. Let’s leap into the unknown

6. Observe the mass consciousness

7. Breathe Intention- Breathe out-tention

8. Reach for the stars

9. Let go, Let go, Let go

10. Live Unconditional Love

11. Stop Look and Listen

12. Being One with God 

Single Essences            


 Set of 6 Essences


The Essence of JOICE  -The Element of Earth

The Essence of Joice, a combination of two words-Choice and Joy came into being over a full 24 hour labour of love.

Joice works through the personality and connects you to  the first Level of Being-Choice by guiding you to choose from Joy.

Use The Essence of JOICE if you:

– procrastinate

I'll do that tomorrow. I'm not ready to call my boss, brother, mum, friend. I still have a whole week before dead-line.

– have a pattern of making choices that do not serve, honour or nourish you

All the women I fall for eventually leave me. My boyfriends are all like my father. I know I should stop smoking/ drinking/cheating/putting myself down/ working so hard but….

– make choices from fear

I don't say anything in case it hurts him. I can't stop work because i need the money. I cant take the risk in case I fail.

The Essence of JOICE supports you in making choices from Love.

Every choice I make is for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.

Use The Essence of JOICE by visualising what you want and say the affirmation three times:



The Essence of HARMONY –  The Element of Water.

Works through the emotional Body

Connects you to the Physical Dimension and the second Level of Being-Connectedness and Harmony.

Use The Essence of Harmony if you:-

– react emotionally to situations, people and events in your life

I get so upset when I see the news. I defend myself when I feel judged. I feel helpless.

– tend to struggle with certain relationships

He only has to make a comment about my work/ looks/ contribution and I lose my temper/ withdraw/ attack/ defend

– feel confused, angry, depressed, jealous, sad, hopeless

I am often confused and blame myself/others/life in general for my dis-ease

take what other people say to you personally

She only has to disagree with me and I lose all confidence in myself

The Essence of Harmony helps us to clear all the emotional layers that have accumulated around us over time. When I feel criticised or judged, when I criticise myself or another, I look to see what I am not allowing in myself or in them.

Use The Essence of Harmony by seeing yourself sitting on a telephone wire, above the pain, concern and turmoil and say this affirmation three times. 



 The Essence of UNDERSTANDING- The Element of Air

Works through the mental body

Connects you to the Physical Dimension and the third Level of Being-Balance

Use The Essence of Understanding if you:-

– experience yourself out of balance

I am constantly thinking.

– you hold attitudes that limit your freedom

I once had an awful experience with a woman from the Middle East so I never trust any of them now

– find yourself swinging from one idea/perspective/ thought/ decision, to another

I don't know what to think anymore. It's all so confusing.

have a rocky road ahead and you need to stand on solid ground

I have been diagnosed with an illness/ dis-ease and need to focus on my healing. I have been retrenched/ retired/divorced and seek understanding as to how to move on.

The Essence of Understanding brings clarity to all over-lying issues. Understanding is the Key to Balance. I understand that balance is somewhere between shadow and light. I understand that I sometimes need to step into the shadow as part of a journey in doing that I give myself the opportunity to discover my gradient Light.

Use The Essence of Understanding by sitting in a chair, feel both feet firmly on the ground and say the affirmation three times. 



The Essence of Universal Time -The Element of Fire

Building a bridge towards  our soul

Connects you to the Physical Dimension and the forth Level of Being-Time

Use The Essence of Time if you:-

– relate to Time as if it is a physical object.

Have you got time? There is no time. I've run out of time. Where has the time gone?

find you are rushing/ late/overwhelmed by having too much to do

I'm sorry to keep you waiting but I missed the bus/ had an important call/ was held up by my boss/ lost my keys

– never have enough time to do everything you want

I have a pile of work on my desk/ bills to pay/ housework to finish/and I never seem to get through it. I don't have time to simply be with the people I love.

feel powerless because time is limiting you

I have such good intentions to meditate/ do yoga/ read to the children/have a day to myself but I just don't have the time

The Essence of Time connects us to our soul and enables us to experience ourselves beyond limitation. Our soul knows what is timely, has perfect timing and brings us to experience timelessness. The essence of time reminds us that time as we know it, is a human construct and true time has no beginning and no end. Cycles of Time are infinite in nature.

Use The Essence of Time by connecting to a bright star in the night sky. Keep both feet firmly on the ground and say the affirmation three times.



 The Essence of FREEDOM

We become aligned to the Soul Dimension through 5th Level of Being-Space.

 Use The Essence of Freedom if you:-

crave your own space or feel you are trapped in an area of your life

I have committed to too many things. I feel stuck in my relationship, in the functions I play, in my roles as parent, son/daughter, professional, friend, volunteer, etc.

I yearn for freedom.

-continue to have unresolved issues including patterns of behaviour, beliefs and judgments that no longer serve you, regardless of how much work you have done.

I keep meeting the same kind of men/women. I feel I came into this life with this issue.

No matter what I do I can’t overcome, resolve, heal, shift this problem.

-feel stuck.

I want to travel, design houses, build a rocket ship, teach, sing, act dance but feel stuck. I am not really taking responsibility for every moment in my life.

-feel the urge to go out on a limb and take a risk.

I am scared to make that phone call. I know what I want but I am afraid to do something serious about it.

– suspect or even know that you have had past lives.

I am willing to see beyond time and space to heal that which I am struggling with right now.

The Essence of Freedom connects us to our consciousness. That part of us which is able to observe itself. It opens us to the multi dimensional aspects of who we are.  It opens the portal through which we are no longer limited by time and space.

Use The Essence of Freedom by closing your eyes and focussing on your third eye. Keep both feet firmly on the ground and say the affirmation three times.

I Am Free  3x


   The Essence of LIBERATION

Connects us to our Ruach through the emotional body.

Aligns us to the Soul Dimension through 6th Level of Being- Mass Consciousness

Use The Essence of Liberation if you:-

– behave in ways that are not authentic because you think you ‘SHOULD”

I should call my mother. Brothers should not argue. Friends should tell each other everything. Good people should give to charity.

-find yourself weighed down with emotion and worry especially after hearing the news or reading the paper.

I get caught up in blaming.  I blame my government, I blame my husband, I blame myself.

-lack discernment and tend to believe only what you see rather than taking the time to look for the significance.

I always take the side of the underdog. I sometimes tell others things I was asked not to.

-join causes that give you or take away your sense of self

I judge people who are not behaving the way I think they should. I fight against poverty, cruelty, war and crime. I slip into the energy of the mass consciousness and loose myself in the process.

The Essence of Liberation awakens us to the power of mass consciousness and gives us the space to see beyond it. By looking beyond the physical appearance of events and situations, and beyond the man made rules and regulations that inhibit and limit us, we liberate ourselves to become aware of the significance. We appreciate the uniqueness of every moment and notice when we are caught in the web of human emotion. It enables us to see the big picture rather than getting caught up in the detail that is only a miniscule part of the story. We become response-ABLE rather than react-ABLE.

Use The Essence of Liberation by imagining yourself sitting on the highest branch of a huge tree, looking down at the situation and say the affirmation three times.

I See the Significance 3x




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