"Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music."
 Marcel Marceau


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Global Issues  – The Hunger Project- Empowering Men and Women to end their own Hunger.


The Good Gabble Newzine-A Celebration of All things Positive

Teachers and Healers

Juliet Martine

A gifted healer, soul intuitive, Master of Manifestation and creator of the most beautiful and meaningful jewellery. Whether you are looking for a soul reading, an energy healing, or wanting to know how to manifest your heart's desire, I could not recommend anyone more than Juliet.

Lee Teresa Lott

Lee is without a doubt the most courageous person I know. A true Master Teacher on every level.

My dear friend and colleague Anne Jones published Lee's story on her website. What we create in life is not because of what has happened to us, rather how we chose to embrace every situation and grow through those expereinces.  

Here it is for your interest..

Lee is Director of True Power Strategies which helps people access, experience and express their True Power and  when they do so, anxiety, stress, limitation and negativity become history, permanently.  

Anna of Cyprus
Is a healer, spiritual teacher and guide to the many different aspects of Life.
She is managing director of the OneTouch Centre for Community Consciousness, located in Paphos on the southwestern tip of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is a place of great re-memberance – of many ancient wisdoms for healing and Living, and application of these to Life in today's world.

Claire Montanaro
Trance-Channel and Spiritual Teacher 
Claire Montanaro is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, counsellor, clairvoyant and channel with a reputation for inspiring and empowering her clients, and with an ability to help individuals, both on a private basis and in the corporate environment, by identifying and breaking down the barriers holding them back from fulfilment and success.

Anne Jones www.m
She is a healer who focuses on the root cause of a current problem, healing at soul level with the intention of reconnecting you to your monadic energy and higher self. I write books and give seminars in Uk and overseas.

Helen Barton
Healer and  Trance Medium 
Helen is a trance channel for John The Beloved a amazing wise and all-knowing evolved soul that gives spiritual guidance through Helen. Helen also gives seminars on the Healing Rays, spiritual laws and other life healing subjects.
Janet Thompson
Past Life Regression, Healer, Meditation Group 
Janet is a Registered Healer. She works with the beautiful energy of Kwan Yin the Chinese Goddess of Love and Compassion and The Ascended Masters. Past Life Regression can restore physical, mental and emotional health. Releasing patterns from the past, healing karma, cutting cords from past events and relationships. Aligning the energies of the physical and spiritual bodies.

Janet travels overseas regularly to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and South Africa.

Donna Jacobs Sife

DONNA JACOBS SIFE is a singer, storyteller, educator and published writer, who uses her talents to enlighten and enhance tolerance and understanding within the people she touches. For Donna, storytelling is an art which has elements of the sacred. She is drawn to stories that hold within them truths that are beyond time and space, that provide ancient images that awaken lost memories within ourselves and our psyches. She tells to uplift the spirit, to awaken hope and to celebrate the soul.

She is also Sharon's sister.:-)

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Organic Growers with a difference
Kath and Eddie McDermott open the doors of the Cider Shed Cafe. Kath and Eddie McDermott open the doors of the on SH 1 just north of Warkworth on the North Island of New Zealand. Amazing food, delicious apples and the best chicken liver salad this side of anywhere.


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