“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.”
– Sandra Carey

Online Courses


A 12 week transformational experience that will enrich your life forever

* 12 Levels of Being  – Online Course  Fee – $57.00

THE 12 levels of Being is a system of energy that begins with Choice. As we grow, develop and evolve so do we move through the 12 levels of Being. As you learn and experience these 12 electro magnetic energies you will understand what brings you joy and how to manifest it in your life. Although most of us want to feel content, at ease, peaceful and relaxed we don’t always know how to make it happen. The 12 Levels of Being give you the tools to overcome all suffering. During the next 12 weeks you will be sent  an email where you can access power point presentations, mp3 podcasts, meditations, pdf information, exercises and personal one to one online support.

What you will recieve

12 Powerpoint presentations                                Valued at $450

12 mp3 podcasts                                                       Valued at $650

12 meditations                                                            Valued at $567

12 exercises                                                                Valued at $750

One hour personal  coaching with Sharon          Valued at $298

All this for only $57.00

I am so sure you will experience true transformation from this course ( as long as you do it as it is offered) I offer you a full money back guarantee.


* Meeting and Embracing Your Inner Child  Fee – $19.99

A 3 Day Course

As the year comes to a close and we prepare to step into 2012 this short course will give you the opportunity to completely heal, once and for all, any difficult or painful emotions that stubbornly resist everything you have previously tried.

These emotions are part of our Inner child and by connecting and embracing that beautiful innocent, precious child within, we can step into a new energy of a New Year free of any old baggage and open to Being authentic in every aspect of our lives.