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Have you done numerous spiritual courses that at the time were wonderful but the impact slowly diminished after you completed them? This 12 week course is different. It is not your usual 12 step program because this course is not only a course. It is a system of energy and once you connect with it, the energy supports you every step of the way, and from then on.

The 12 Levels of Being – Course 1

The 12 Levels of Being are 12 fields of energy through which we all spiritually evolve. To understand these fields of energy it is helpful to visualise each level as a labyrinth through which we enter, find our way to the centre and gradually exit on a higher level than the one we started. The choice to enter the next level is always ours and the purpose is to use the energy of the levels to help you navigate towards standing in the truth of who we are. Navigating our spiritual path can sometimes be confronting, confusing and complicated. The 12 Levels of Being guides us towards the next signpost and encourages us every step of the way.

Life is not meant to be difficult. It is possible to live life lightly and to accept what happens with effortless ease. Although every human being knows what it is to undergo heartbreak and painful times, we were not born to suffer.

The 12  Levels of Being point us in the direction of spiritual enlightenment. Of course the choice to work through each level and even to move into each level is always our own.

Through this life changing course you will heal the emotional and mental issues that have blocked your spiritual progress. You will receive exercises to connect to your soul and you will be shown ways to clearly hear what your soul is saying you.

As we connect more often to our Soul our spiritual evolution

speeds up and we find life full of synchronicities and miracluous moments

As we approach a shift in global consciousness in 2013 it is time to reassess our old perceptions, beliefs and attitudes.  It is time to take a giant step forward towards seeing ourselves with crystal clarity. It is time to release all of our judgements. How? Through the process of understanding. The 12 Levels of Being makes life so much easier to understand. Without understanding we live in a conditional world. When we understand, we can go beyond judgment and become unconditionally loving.

Through the 12 levels of Being you will learn what brings you joy and how to manifest it in your life. Although most of us want to feel content, at ease, peaceful and relaxed we don’t always know how to make it happen. During the next 12 weeks you will be given exercises every week as well as a podcast, meditation for the week, and online support.

Please join us for this extraordinary 12-week course that will transform your life forever! Every week—for 12 weeks—you’ll be given different exercises, as well as a podcast, meditation, and online support.

Why would you do this course?

• Are you confused with all the self help and spiritual information available?

• Have you become cynical, pessimistic or resined about life?

• Are you sick and tired of trying so hard?

• Do you get to a certain point in your life and then you begin to slide backwards?

• Do you know what you want but don’t know how to make it happen?

• Do you encounter limitations to having expansive prosperity and abundance?

• Do you seem to have a barrier to having the sparkling, joyous relationships that you deserve?

• Is your connection to the spiritual realms fuzzy rather than crystal clear?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions then this course will transform your life.

Some people are convinced that to suffer is to be human. Some believe life’s hard knocks are there to make us stronger. Well they might, but it is not lifes hard knocks that make us stronger, it is how we respond to those hard knocks.

The 12 Levels of Being gifts us with tools to respond from our highest self to everything life sends to us.

Life presents us with situations where we grow physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.

These 12 keys to navigating your spiritual path will enable you to clear old karma, heal old wounds and bring an expanding sense of light heartedness and joy into every aspect of your life.

Most of us grow-up physically, unless of course our life purpose is completed very early on.  We grow up emotionally by learning how to respond to situations and events rather than reacting to them. We grow up mentally by learning how to understand ourselves and others rather than judging, analysing and interpreting. And finally we grow up spiritually by being Who We Are.

The 12 Levels of Being Course identifies and guides you through each spiritual stage towards enlightenment. It is a navigational tool. It allows you to accurately ascertain where you are in your spiritual process and enables you to clearly plan your own personal route.


What are The 12 Levels of Being?


Level 1 is all about reconciling two aspects of you. That which fears and the part which loves.

Level 1, Choice is often activated in the personality the minute something we thought we had is taken away from us.

At that moment we sometimes fall into the belief that we do not have a choice and we become powerless. As soon as we remember we do have choice we can reclaim the power to choose. We we claim the power to choose we engage the heart and the choice we then make comes from love.

Level 2 CONNECTION AND HARMONY  Lower Emotional Body

Level 2 is about how we feel about a situation or how we feel emotionally about who we are or the situation.  It is about how you and your emotional self wish to live  together. The emotional body can then become an harmonious extensions of our Being or it becomes an enemy we feel we have to overcome.


When we are in BALANCE we are neutral in the face of opposing forces. From the centre we see clearly, consider calmly and act decisively. When we are in Balance we are neutral in the face of two opposing forces. You have to have opposition in order to have balance.

Balance is never dependent on the external physical event although so often that is in fact how we live. It is always related to our relationship with our inner self.

Level 4 TIME

Time is a Dimension of Being. It has nothing to do with whether you have got enough or too much of it. There is no beginning and no end. So when we say that it is time to be doing something, that dimension of our being, which operates Time, knows that an action is needed to be taken as part of the soul journey.

Time was created so people could feel certain vibration periods of the day and night and therefore certain activities could occur. Earth time helps us to understand Universal time and Universal time is cyclic.

Level 5 of Being: Space


The study and exploration of Space creates a vehicle through which we can gain insight and understanding into the realm of Universal Consciousness. Scientists can now explain how matter dispersed at the end of a planet’s life is gradually reformed to create a new planetary body. We can thus see the microcosm of human life reflected through this very same phenomenon.

Level 6 of Being: Mass Consciousness

Appearance and Significance

When the consciousness of humanity is stuck in the physical reality, appearances become the truth. Looking beyond the physical, we explore life from a new and exciting perspective and in doing so we open our minds and our hearts to the Significance of All That Is.

Level 7 of Being: Intention

Drawing Upon the Magician Within

The magician explores and understands the spiritual laws of Intention. The manifestation of Intention for the highest good of all concerned integrates the Will of Self with the Will of Spirit.

Level 8 of Being: Spiritual Service

Embracing  Limitlessness

Spiritual service is understanding and expressing love through action and non-action, and wisdom through silence and sound.

Level 9 of Being: Planetary Consciousness

Chaos – The Fall and Re-Integration

We explore the energy of Destruction and Creation through Chaos and discover how to move from chaos to Unconditional Spontaneity.

Level 10 of Being: Solar Consciousness

Connecting to the Monadic Being

Moving out of our Planetary Consciousness we connect align ourself to our true essense. The spirit of who we be. The Solar System shares her gift of understanding through Harmonious Cooperation and in turn we too learn to do the same.

Level 11 of Being: Galactic Consciousness

The Mind of God

Connection to the Mind of God requires Clarity, Intent and the recognition of Universal Symbol

Level 12 of Being: Universal Consciousness

BEING one with GOD

Once we have connected to our Spirit or as it is also called, our Monad, we then choose how to express ourSelf as BEING ONE with the Source of All Life.

Level 12 is the vibrational Frequency of the Divine Feminine. Level 11 is the Divine Masculine.


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