"When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time." 
— Byron Katie

Rumblings and Ruminations
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Each Newsletter offers a new concept and new perspective  and hopefully something new to ponder.

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January 2011 Sun Rise
April 2011 A Fall





February 2010 The Art of Listening to our Children
March 2010 The Sins of the Fathers
May 2010 My daughter's getting married
August 2010 Slowing down Time
November 2010 The Speed of Light Heartedness
December 2010 Being yourself





January 2009 Peace
July 2009 Every Child has a Blueprint
December 2009 Three Gifts





April 2008  When Spirit Doesn't Matter
June 2008  Behind Your Mask
August 2008 Desire, Aspire, Inspire
September 2008 Is it True?
December 2008 Simplicity





January 2007 My Dad
February 2007 The Arrival
March 2007 Heart Murmur
May 2007  Waiting
June 2007  A Gift of Grace
July 2007  Let's share our Joy
October2007  Truth





January 2006   Gossip
February 2006  Spontaneous Stupidity
March 2006   Challenge
April 2006  India
May 2006  Perception Beliefs and Going Within
June 2006 Change
July 2006     Birth 
August 2006 Creating Unity and Joy today
September 2006  React of Create
October 2006       Multi-taksking
November 2006 The Secret
December 2006 Chanunkah




July 2005   Order and Chaos
August 2005  The Darkness of Night
October 2005     Assissi
November 2005   Choice
December 2005     Deservability




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