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Just living is not enough.  One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~Hans Christian Anderson


The Little Book of Everyday Miracles

The Little Book of Everyday Miracles is a book that reminds us that life is a gift. 

In this beautiful collection of inspiring true stories, everyday people share moments of unexpected courage and kindness, chance meetings and remarkable coincidences, showing us that miracles can take us out of the darkest places and give us the courage to get moving again. They are a divine catalyst, which reminds us that the impossible may just be possible.

Price: $18.00


Water Meditation (A free Gift)

This beautiful Meditation was written by Rick Dewsbury from the UK and recorded by Sharon Snir in Sydney Australia. If is our gift to you. As we cannot upload it for free on this page we are simply charging 1 cent.

Enjoy .

Price: $0.01


The 12 Levels of Being

This is available from this web site and is also included in the cost of registration for all The 12 Levels of Being.

Read reviews here

The 12 Levels of Being

Price: $24.00


Looking for Lionel- How I Lost and Found my Mother Through Dementia

Released in March 2010 Looking for Lionel- available from all good book stores in Australia/New Zealand or from this website

Read reviews, listen to audio and watch related videos here

Sharon talks about Looking for Lionel

Price: $29.99


Meditation downloads

Inner Peace Meditation 1

Beginning our day with a meditation, even if it is only 15 minutes, can transform your life. By sitting comfortably in silence, drawing all awareness within and connecting to the purity of own true essence we become the peace we want to see in the world. We become Light and Love.

This downloadable meditation aligns you with the positive energy that is your true nature.


Price: $10.00


Meditation downloads

Heart to Heart A  Heart journey through soul and spirit to the Heart of All That IS

Price: $10.00



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