Sharon Snir

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
– Anais Nin

Professional Services 

Through Gestalt Psychotherapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Art Therapy, Meditation, Dialogical and Relational Therapy, Past Life Regression therapy, Sharon offers individuals, couples, adolescences and children the opportunity to experience a deeply respectful process where the focus is always on self- awareness, self acceptance and self responsibility.

Sharon Snir is a spiritual teacher who offers individuals self-awareness workshops. You will experience a deeply respectful process focused on self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility.


Supervision in Gestalt therapy practice is defined as assisting the process of the therapist's responsibility in working with the client or group. Gestalt therapy supervision is a modern process that explores the contact-boundary between you and your therapist.It enables the intuitive counsellor to become more creative during the intuitive counselling.

Telephone Sessions

Sharon has successfully conducted Individual Therapy and Supervision over the phone and through e-mail.  She offers hourly sessions for individuals, couples and children. She also conducts family sessions.   


The 12 Levels of Being is a system of energy that enables you tounderstand our spiritual evolution. It is a map for Ascension, a natural and normal part of the evolutionary process of the Universe. Everyone and Everything is on the same journey, some simply move faster than others.

These seminars and courses are for you if you’re interested in reaching your full potential and finding great joy, peace and harmony. Every workshop is guided by the energy of the levels themselves. Understanding the 12 Levels of Being adds colour, light and clarity to the tapestry of life.

Sharon is a qualified clinical psychotherapist. Her practice is located in a peaceful setting in inner Sydney where she has created a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. Psychotherapy is a sacred space where the deepest human pain and joy can be shared.

Enquiries and bookings for counselling sessions and psychotherapy sessions may be made by completing the  bookings enquiry form.

Individual counselling/coaching – 1 hour
Special price for six(6) 1 hour sessions
Couple Counselling/consultation
Half hour Telephone/Skype consultation

Personal Philosophy

Integrity, trust and respect are the foundations for a sound and rewarding therapeutic relationship.       

  • Integrity means to stand in the truth of one's own being.
  • Truth is to recognise one's own inner Wisdom and Light.
  • Respect is to honour the other as oneself.

Recognising that you have the power to choose how you live your life each moment is an integral aspect of Gestalt psychotherapy.

Sharon recently wrote an article published in Good Therapy entitled: What is Good Therapy. Adobe Reader required.


Psychotherapy is two words put together: psycho from the Greek word "Psyche" which means breath, soul and life and "therapeia" which means attending to pain, illness or disability. Psychotherapy therefore is attending to the pain of the inner self or the soul.

Psychotherapy provides you with the opportunity to explore, understand and face the challenges that affect your life. It is not by any means exclusive for people who are unwell. Healthy, vibrant, and intelligent people can and do benefit from psychotherapy.

How Sharon works?

Sharon integrates theory with intuition.

She says, "I call upon my guidance to help my eyes to see beyond the physical, my ears to hear beyond that which is stated, and my mouth to know when to speak and when to stay silent. Sometimes clients come to me having temporarily forgotten who they are. Seeing beyond the physical to the unlimited beauty and infinite potential of the soul, I work with each individual so that she may to re-experience her own strengths, re-connect to his own wisdom and re-member all the parts that make up the whole person."

Sharon also Works with Children.

After 15 years as an early childhood educator, she understands how to listen to and creatively relate to children. Her tool box includes art materials, toys, games, and a deep, exciting sand tray. The most important tool Sharon has is her training in Gestalt therapy.

Download this delightful article, by Saralee Sky, Children's motives – Your Child's Behaviour (~32kb PDF). Adobe Reader required.

What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a growth-oriented, relative approach to working with people. The Gestalt approach holistically embraces a person's physical, intellectual, interpersonal, psychological, emotional and spiritual experience. Each of these aspects is considered inseparable from a person's environment, history and culture.

Gestalt therapy promotes your awareness supports creative choice and encourages responsibility in your effort to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Appointments, Fees and Cancellation Policy

The initial consultation (first appointment) is a two-way assessment to choose whether this service is appropriate for you.Sessions are usually one hour long.Frequency of the sessions is determined by the client and based on the client's needs, in consultation with the counsellor.

The consultation fee is payable through Pay Pal for telephone consultations OR at the end of the session by cheque or cash.24 hours notice must be given for cancellations of appointment.


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