"The highest form of wisdom is kindness"
The Talmud


Fellow teacher of the 12 Levels of Being Dr. Elizabeth Revell and me in Pennsylvania!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me and my fellow travellers. I am still processing what I have heard, seen and felt when we explored the last four levels of Being with you.

I am blown away by the magic and simplicity and best of all, it is not rocket science. When our heart is open, we trust and absorb what we need. Everything is in the Divine Right Order. What a statement and how taking it on can change our outlook in life. My life is different and I am travelling with lightheartedness.

I have found my voice, changed some stale and old paradigms, opened myself to unbelievable possibilities and best of all I gained a state of contentment with who I am.

Happiness is not some far away destination – it is where I am at in my life.

If consciousness can change molecules in water, what infinite possibilities can it have for us as human beings? When we understand unconditional love combined with consciousness – what an exiting time awaits us.
Thank you Sharon. 
Helena Hinden, Cousellor, Katoomba

Thank you for such an amazing weekend. You have given words and structure to so much that I feel and know. What an honor to work with you. Beth Weaver, York, Pennsylvania

Thank you for such an amazing weekend. You have given words and structure to so much that I feel and know. What an honor to work with you.I was moved to tears of joy and recognition and the barriers to my full self expression fell away. I now wake up in the morning feeling energized and if you ask me how I feel I will say excellent! I am more connected and related to the people than I have been in years. My friends have remarked on the change in my vitality and my whole way of being. The results of this workshop were so profound that I invited Sharon to come to New Jersey from Sydney, Australia this November and deliver the workshop again. Susan Levinson, New Jersey, USA

Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend I really feel inspired and it was so relevant to what is going on in my personal life. I would recommend this workshop to anyone.Dr.Teresa Towpik, Medical Practitioner, Sydney

Fellow teacher of the 12 Levels of Being Dr. Wataru Suematsu in Tokyo Japan.

The 12 Levels of Being is a Workshop with a difference. I have attended other workshops and have usually come off them on a high, full of confidence that I have changed – only to find, a short while later, that nothing has changed and I am just the same!

The 12 Levels is different, because it works at a deeper level, the level of Spirit, the level of Being. I have a greater understanding of the universe and my place it it. I have a stronger and deeper connection with Soul. I have a greater sense of who I am being.

Sharon's commitment to excellence is evident throughout – from her presentation of herself and the course material, to her interaction with attendees, her love of ritual and a sense of lightness and fun – all in a warm and safe space. This has been a notable milestone, a point of change, on my journey through life. Hilary Katzeff, Research Pharmacist,Sydney

She took us gently through the waters throwing out challenges along the way. The extraordinary alchemical crew we were apparently extraordinarily diversified. Yet united in the One Experience of learning to love and honour who we Are as decreed by Nature and not separate from God and all of  God's Creation. Welcoming the new blue horizon I thank you for the journey that we shared with you as guide Ulli Hansen, Sacred Sound Master, Sydney

I loved the weekend workshop and so love what I am feeling – thank you. I will certainly be at the next and am excited and look forward to seeing you and sharing the next levels with you.Estelle Phillips,Psychologist, NSW

I enjoyed the weekend learning about The 12 Levels of Being and especially the skillful manner in which you presented it and the gentle safe environment you provided.It was a pleasure to meet and work alongside everyone in our group and thank you Sharon for such an insightful weekendSue McLay, Sydney 

The fellow participants shared themselves in such loving and touching ways and the learning from this for me is, be real! Be who you are.

Sharon presenting in Nicosia in Cyprus at the Beyond Limitation conference called " Our Children- Love Joy Growth and Potential

We were asked what we thought a really spiritual person would be like. At first to my mind came this image of a yogi high up on a mountain in total alignment with all that is and beyond human traits and conditioning. In other words – it would have to be someone perfect. Well, little did I know! We are all spiritual beings no matter what our beliefs, our conditioning or our perception of the world is. So be who you be and enjoy the ride!

Another profound learning from the second day: I picked the word "waitress" in one of the exercises. What does this mean to me? Very clearly it means to me that my calling is to be of service. From a loving heart all is possible. I still need to do some work around judgment of myself and others and I am willing to do it.

The third and final day will stay with me deeply. The 12 Universal Laws are at work at all times. I took stock of what has already manifested in my life over past years and there is so much I am deeply grateful for. "Open your eyes – the eyes of your heart!" Simple messages and a sense of knowing from a different level, a level that bypasses my thinking – from that energy within my being. John has laughed at my question and given me a pointer. I am not only on the right path – I am on a wider path than I have imagined and I am only at the beginning of it. I enjoy the ride! Bring it on! The learning from this is a heart filled with love, gratitude to my teachers and a deeper love for myself.    Helena Hinden,Counsellor, Katoomba

While it's all still fresh and I'm feeling loving and inspired… Just wanted to say thanks again to you (and your "others") for living your higher purpose and running this weekend's workshop. I feel I have benefited immensely and I know my soul will be singing with excitement and joy for a while yet to come.Nadine Le Moenic,Counsellor, NSW

Something I heard from a monk in Bhutan spoke volumes about WISDOM. If you have anger/fear and you feel compassion you have great wisdom. And the anger/fear disappear.

So WISDOM is the key ingredient.Estelle Philips,Psychologist, Sydney,When Spirt Doesn't Matter

They say that the fluttering wings of a butterfly can alter weather patterns and thus, change the world. Sharon is just such a butterfly. When I entered Sharon's workshop, it was a very different world from the one I normally inhabit. I must confess that I was in somewhat a state of suspended disbelief as I crossed the threshold. But once I did, I discovered "a sacred space" indeed! Sharon is a very gifted psychologist, teacher, shaman, and an extraordinary human being. Don't go to her workshop expecting Powerpoint slides and handout notes. Well, OK, there may be a few notes. But be prepared for an experience like none before. If you've been wanting to make changes, talking about making changes, but are not yet making any, this is the workshop for you. But be warned! Your world won't be the same again. Believe it. Joanne Martin,Career Counsellor, NSW

What an amazing person you are …. Your teachings are wonderful … the experiences powerful … and the group dynamic handled in the most incredibly professional and experienced way I could imagine. You picked up on so many different things and were willing to give wholeheartedly to help each and every person move forward on their journey. Most of all it was clear to me what an amazing therapist and healer you are, so insightful in your direction and guidance and the ways in which you challenged me … you helped me to uncover pearls I didn’t even know were waiting for me.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Juliet Martine, Energy Health Practitioner, Director of Clear Health Willoughby, Sydney

I initially enrolled in The 12 Levels of Being with Sharon from a professional development viewpoint. My expectations in this area were more than met. I now have new tools to help me journey with my clients. The unexpected came from personal processing as a result of the experiential nature of the workshop. Thank you Sharon for the gift of The 12 Levels of BeingMargaret Ploskodniak, Community Advisory Service Coordinator,Mercy Community Care,Catholic Healthcare Limited

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the course.  Enjoyed is not even the correct word.  It was profound, the energy was strong and the feeling of connection intense.  It was a special day, in the true sense of the word. The best 12 levels I have attended and possibly the best workshop I have ever attended, as evidenced by the fact that no one wanted to leave!  Doing the 12 levels in one day was excellent as it enabled me to get a real feeling for, and experience of, each level and it's relevance with respect to the others. Hilary Katzeff -Pharmacist

"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'"
The Talmud


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