Meeting and Embracing Your Inner Child (Digital Course)

It is time to connect with and embrace your Inner Child.

It is time to have the parent you always wanted.

It is time to listen deeply inside the heart of your being.

It is time to heal, to laugh, to dance, to sing and to be the joyful person you truly are.

Your inner child is the centre of your wisdom, your creativity, and spirit. 

It is time to let your beautiful inner child know you have not forgotten her. It is time to heal old wounds and step into the New Year free of the past once and for all.

This short course gives you the opportunity to completely heal any difficult or painful emotions that stubbornly resist everything you have tried.

These emotions are part of your Inner child. By connecting and embracing that beautiful innocent, precious child within, you can step into a New Year free of old baggage.

In this concise and beautifully designed three-day course you will learn:

  • Who and what is the inner child
  • How to connect and communicate with him or her
  • What question you need to ask
  • How to listen to your inner child
  • How to heal old negative energy long held by the Inner Child
  • How to develop your intuition through this connection
  • When to call on the wisdom of the Inner Child

In only 4 days you will have the tools to heal the old unresolved stories in your life and be free to start the most positive New Year of your life.