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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly.

In being who we think we should be, we disconnect from the true nature of who we really are. 



 I am delighted you have chosen to visit my website. I hope you will find this a space where you can grow, flourish, blossom and embrace your magnificence. May your time here nourish and nurture you and offer you a sanctuary for peace, learning, meditation, solace and joy.  

What is spirituality?  

Spirituality is essentially the journey towards knowing and accepting our true selves and discovering the nature of consciousness. For me the key to being my true self is being authentic unconditional light-heartedness. For you it may be living through community consciousness, or the integration of science and spirit or being loving-kindness. In order to know our true self we need to develop our own human awareness.

Spiritual awakening requires we first embrace our humanity.

My intention is for us all to discover and delight in the truth of who we really are and to feel empowered to step into our own limitless potential. As a teacher, author and psychotherapist I have combined over 30 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom by creating a website that offers courses, self development books and personal consultations. Life presents us with countless opportunities to deepen our understanding and acceptance of our self and of others. Now is surely the time to take the next step towards an authentic, joyful, well lived life.

We all have the power to choose what we say, when to respond and how to live our lives. When we fully claim that power, we open the heart of who we are. When the heart of who we are is open, we have unlimited access to our deepest wisdom. 

I sincerely look forward to meeting you either through this website, through my blog, in a consultation or at one of my seminars. I am thrilled to be sharing this journey with you.

Blessings and Love,



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