Travelling and Trusting our True Nature

  Travelling has always brought me closer to my nature.

Wayne Dyer says that our nature is so profound and is always calling us. No one else can tell us what we feel and why we are here. No one can tell us what is our purpose. But to trust in that nature is something so many of us struggle with. Everything has its own nature. A dog,  an elephant, a mouse and an ant.

Everything has a nature.

I can’t remember when I realised that I came from a divine place of well being. Many times in my life I have trusted my inner knowing and it has never failed me. And yet, when I doubt myself and my own wisdom, I have found myself in a pickle. And that is what happened recently in Venice.

My friend and I were travelling together by train from Milan to Venice laden with heavy suitcases, when we accidentally got off at the wrong stop. We had to find the right platform to Santa Lucia. As we approached the right platform I began to doubt myself and I asked two women. One of them just grabbed my bags and Suzy, my friend was telling me they are wrong but the two women were lifting my luggage onto the train insisting ” Right train, Right train”. Suzy followed knowing if she didn’t, we would be separated. A true friend.

I sat down and suddenly knew something was very wrong. I quickly asked the men surrounding me was this train going to Santa Lucia and they shook their heads and indicated we were on the wrong train. Just as the doors were closing I jumped up and started to push my bags out of the very crowded train. Suzy followed, undoubtedly relieved, and we stood there on the empty platform, shocked and exhausted.

I had a strong feeling we had just saved ourselves from something  very  bad.

Eventually we got on the right train and safely arrived in Venice. Lifting our luggage off the train we found ourselves in the middle of a loud and angry demonstration. Black, white, green and red flags waving all around us and one woman’s voice was screaming over a loudspeaker. There was no time to assess what had just happened, so we quickly found our way to the vaporetto (ferry boat) and headed to Giudecca, where we were staying.

That night, I had a disturbing dream. The words I woke up with were, “ You dodged a bullet.”

Our nature includes our in-tuition. Our inner knowing. When we trust in our own nature we become the master of our own life.

Every living thing comes from nowhere to now here.  The space makes all the difference.

 That first moment of life when we went from nowhere to a speck of life is but a split second. I don’t know about you ( well actually I do) but I’m pretty sure none of us worried  when in our mother’s womb, whether all our parts would end up in the right place. As unborn babies we trusted all would be as it is meant to be, to live the life we are meant to live.

Everyone of us is born with everything we need for the life we are to live. And so from nowhere we are now here.

But we are taught from a very early age that we should be what others tell us to be.

That we have a duty to love and to hate some people, that we must obey the rules laid down by others especially those who believe they are doing God’s work. That we have to say this, do that, look a certain way and behave in ways that others tell us is right, and correct and ordained.


According to the Tao Te Ching it says that The Great Master follows his own Nature and not the trappings of Life.
A truly good man is not aware of his goodness, and is therefore good.

When we stop trusting our own nature, we always veer off course. We start to ask people that don’t know, questions that we already knew the answers to.

I knew we were on the right train platform. I knew where was the right train, but  for a moment I stopped trusting myself. The result could have been disastrous. Those two women disappeared as soon as we were shoved onto that train.

I don’t know what their intention was, but I do know it was not good.

  How often do we feel we are doing something just to be nice or to look good, to avoid upsetting someone, even though we know we don’t feel right doing it at the time?

Eventually we are all destined to return to nowhere.

From nowhere to now hear and then back to nowhere.

The key to living your true nature is to trust yourself and not to interfere with your inner knowing or anothers and certainly not to impose our beliefs on another.

Our children, if given the freedom to trust their own nature, their own choices and address their own ups and downs, can become the greatest the brightest lights this world has ever known.

Sure we can keep an eye on them so that they don’t run out onto the highway to get that rolling football, but solving their squabbles and teaching them who to believe, and who to shun, will only destroy their own trust in their own divine nature.


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  • Lyle Steffensen

    Trusting your own inner wisdom is also a life long journey for me. I feel like I’m meeting a new friend as I discover my own self integrity. Thank you for this omelet reminder Sharon!

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