The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

The Talmud

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness, came about through my love of the work of Albert Einstein. His famous equation, E = mc², captivated me, and I began to wonder what the equation would look like if the energy was not finite or limited. What would it be like to travel at the speed of infinite energy and what is infinite energy? Then it hit me – it would be like travelling at the speed of light-heartedness. There is no limit to light-heartedness. Surely, the purpose of our journey here on this earth is to travel lightly and from the heart. Hence this Blog.

Would You Marry Yourself?

Having just become an authorised marriage celebrant it’s only natural that marrying couples who are in love is the main intention. During the course we

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Star Light, Star Bright

Walking down the steps of my eldest son’s home, around 8.30 PM, after celebrating his birthday Shabbat, (a family tradition) my two granddaughters by my

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Did That Hurt You?

I doubt there are many of us who can honestly say we have never been hurt by another. But what really does it mean to

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The Two-Thirds Principle

  What do you mean “two thirds of one whole is enough”? Exactly that, replied my nephew. “I live by the two-thirds principle”. I met

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