The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness, came about through my love of the work of Albert Einstein. His famous equation, E = mc², captivated me, and I began to wonder what the equation would look like if the energy was not finite or limited. What would it be like to travel at the speed of infinite energy and what is infinite energy? Then it hit me – it would be like travelling at the speed of light-heartedness. There is no limit to light-heartedness. Surely, the purpose of our journey here on this earth is to travel lightly and from the heart. Hence this Blog.

Putting Into Context

Let’s Put This Into Context At the end of 2023 I had the great privilege of turning 70. Yes, turning 70 is a privilege, especially

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  One of life’s unexpected joys for me has been to walk my dog. Obviously there is the exercise and the company, but I have

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