The highest form of wisdom is kindness.

The Talmud

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness

Travelling at the Speed of Light-Heartedness, came about through my love of the work of Albert Einstein. His famous equation, E = mc², captivated me, and I began to wonder what the equation would look like if the energy was not finite or limited. What would it be like to travel at the speed of infinite energy and what is infinite energy? Then it hit me – it would be like travelling at the speed of light-heartedness. There is no limit to light-heartedness. Surely, the purpose of our journey here on this earth is to travel lightly and from the heart. Hence this Blog.

How Brightly Do you Shine?

How have you changed since the corona virus arrived in 2019? Have you  grown emotionally? Have you discovered strengths you didn’t know you had? Have

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Does it Really Matter?

I was reading a poem by one of my favourite poets, Mary Oliver today. The poem came from her book called One Thousand Mornings, so

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It was his courage and adventurous spirit that touched me. Walking through the rooms of the Matisse exhibition, I felt like I was being introduced

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Have you ever been taken by surprise by someone you trusted? Suddenly out of the blue, found yourself the recipient of accusations, allegations and blame?

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