There’s work and there’s Chino

I can sit at my desk for hours and hours and literally forget to stand up and  smell the flowers. As a writer this is both my joy and my job so I forgive myself when I suddenly realise I have not fed myself for eight hours. Since having a puppy though all that has changed. Sure, I am still writing and the view from my office still inspires me to express my  dreams and thoughts and create courses however the minute I hear a little puppy squeek ,  I bound downstairs ready to take him outside, tell him to ‘be a good boy’ and praise him effusively when he has done his business. And then we play. He loves the plastic milk carton and I throw it and he comes marching back to me with holding the handle. He loves the tennis ball, and an old plastic cup that he sticks his head in and only shakes it off to see why I am hysterically laughing. I laugh many times every day . I laugh at how intensly he plays, how present he is, how cheekily he runs past me with huge plastic water bottle in his mouth. And I laugh when he runs to me for a cuddle.

In the two weeks he has been in my life I have fallen in love a hundred times. Oren, the early bird in the family takes him out at 5 am and I just have to brag, he has not peed in his little laundry for the past few nights. He’s so clever. Am I biased? Am I a boring new puppy owner that thinks her puppy is the best puppy in the world? Am I just going on and on without a care as to whether anyone is even interersted? You bet I am. And you know what? Thats just fine with me cause I’m just mad about Chino and Chino’s mad about me. 🙂

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