Animal Communication

I had an amazing experience. Chino came home  from hospital and in just over a week has gained weight and is playful, bouncy and as always, very funny.

I wanted to understand what was the connection between Chino and me and my family. Recently I met a wonderful woman by the name of Trisha McCaugh. She is an animal communication. Her website is

She can literally hear animals talk and she translates what she hears to those who are asking the questions.

So I contacted her and asked these questions. Trisha and I both share the same publisher, Allen & Unwin and on one occasion whilst we were both there she explained that the questions need to be directed to the animal in question. So here they are

1.What was the significance of you having  this experience with  ticks?

2. Why were there three ticks?

3. Is there something I need to know that would assist and enrich our journey together?

4. Are you connected to our first dog PK?

5. When were we together before and what was the significance of that time together in relation to our time together now?

6.Is there a child  who is to come into our lives who you are here to support in some way?

The answers literally blew me away. I won’t go into all the answers. They were poignant and personal. What I will say is I realise there is so much we don’t understand albeit our animals wisdom and we could learn a great deal by sitting with them  in silence and being fully in their presence.

Some people may shrug their shoulders and say, the whole thing is impossible. But I know animals are not here to entertain humanity. They are here to remind us to be who we are. They, on the other hand have never forgotten who they are.

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