Integrating what we do and who we be

Sharon: How do we integrate what we do and who we Be?

John: If you focus of what you are supposed to be doing then you are focussing on an outcome. If you focus on who you are being now you are focussing on the journey to the outcome.

Sharon: Can you say more?

John: You set your goal. Be very clear about it and then you forget about it. Because your Higher Mind holds the blue print. Once you have set your intent, the Mind knows what it is you wish to achieve and you just continue with your day to day situations and your Higher Mind is very busy operating behind the scenes creating the outcome which is the goal you have set.

Sharon: WOW its like programming a computer.

John: Exactly the situation. You are able to be working on one thing on your computer and at the same time the mechanics which enables you to use this system are still operating where you cannot see them and being very efficient about it.

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