Black Holes and Love

Sharon: You mentioned that each level of being has two polarities. One pole is of fear and the other love. Do we go through something like a black hole to reach the energy of love? Does Fear magnetise Love and draw it through some kind of  black hole?

John: Every individual has their own black hole because a black hole is the means of differentiating between being in a physical manifestation and being in a spiritual manifestation. When it is time to pass into Spirit each individual withdraws the energy through the tunnel of light, however before you get to the tunnel, you have to go through the black hole. The tunnel of light means they are already crossing over to the other side? Do you see?

S: Mmmm In a way.

John: Black holes exist as the polarity of stars. A star is a point of light, is it not?

Sharon: Yes:

John: It is a point of physical manifestation. When the star has served its purpose it is drawn through a black hole because the black hole is the polarity of the star. One is Matter and the other is Anti Matter.

Sharon: A black hole is Anti Matter.

John: However when a star is drawn into this hole of antimatter what occurs is that it pops out the other side in a totally different dimension of being. And so to return to your original question, Love exists in a dimension that does not exist on your earth, therefore fear magnetises Love and the only way that Love can be effective is through this Black hole, because that is the means of moving from one dimension to another. So Love becomes a form of antimatter until it manifests itself as matter in your material world.

Sharon: You are describing a circular process.

John: That is so. Cannot be separated.  This is where we begin and this is where we end. It is indivisible because it is continually evolving, developing and growing as is your Universe.

Sharon : Therefore Love is infinite because it too is ever evolving?

John: That is so. And everything else is part of Love. It is Love expressing Itself in many forms in order to understand the complexity of its potential. Unfortunately in the human mind Love is seen as simply another state of emotion rather than being seen as the Supreme State of Being.



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