Can we Be Unconditional Love?

Sharon: Is it possible to Be Unconditional Love whislt we are physical? In other words is it possible to  pass through The 12 Levels of Being completely.

John: It is more than possible. It is the purpose pf being human.

Sharon: Oh! How wonderful.

John: If you look at all of the Master Teachers of all of the ages each of them incarnated to teach this one simple Truth, that even in a physical body the individual can transcend states of being to achieve unconditional love. Love which is ever expansive, irrespective of the circumstances. Unfortunately in your world the focus has been on the suffering of these Teachers rather than the outcome they have attained.

Sharon: Yes I can realy see that.

John:  When there is a new consciousness manifestning upon the earth, a new psychic consciousness, and this occueres approximately every 2000 years of your time, We have another attempt to elevate the consciousness of the people of your planet and we are always successful and we are never totally successful.

That is how it is intended to be.



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