Chino Speaks

  I told Sharon I wanted to talk for myself. I wanted to share with  her and who ever else is willing to listen what  my world is really like. Our people often forget to include us in the big decisions and that’s why we become irritated.

You may have heard that my people, Sharon and Oren, decided to take me to puppy school. No discussion. No, ” How would that be for you?  Just, we are going!

So the first week we did  SIT and GOOD BOY and click click click. The clicker  is something the trainer likes. Personally, I thinks its a bit condescending to click approval at me. Sharon was unwell that night so she didn’t come. I did everything right. I actually didn’t know this would be a weekly thing. I thought, well why not. I’ll just be a good sport and play along.

The next week they did it again. They just decided I was going to puppy school again.  This time both my people came. Now the truth is I was a little irritated. It was late, cold, and all I wanted was to curl up with my teddy. But no they insisted I go to…. puppy school.

Oren had told Sharon I was the best in the class last week and she was feeling rather chuffed. But when we had to do, DOWN, SIT, LET’S GO all with that dreadful clicker I just didn’t want to play along.

My person was getting flusterd and upset and to be honest I don’t know what all the fuss was about until the trainer tod her to hold me on her lap and say SETTLE SETTLE SETTLE.

No amount of wiggling got the message across that I didn’t want to settle in her lap so I did what any self respecting 10 week old puppy would do. I bit her.

She yelled at me and the trainer told her she shouldn’t yell. That I’m only a cute little puppy and I need to be trained


I need to be listened to. I need to be asked and I need to be respected. After all if I can write a blog, I definitely know what is best for me.

PS. After licking my person all the way home, she  forgave me for biting her.

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