A Day of At One Ment

All my children are home.  For years they have travelled far and wide and lived across the ocean but today they hare home.  As we sit to eat our last mean for 24 hours I look around our table and feel pure gratitude. The blessing of being in this life in this moment with my husband of 30 years and our five children is overwhelming. They talk and eat and share and laugh and knew each other so well. We are the family I have always dreamed of.  Each child, now no longer a child offers their beautiful perspective of life, politics, spirituality, and family.

We wash up together and  then sit in a circle and talk. Just talk about what ever comes up. Easy flow. No  struggle.  We laugh. In a way the laughter is what makes this family a family because no one outside the family would fully understand what is so funny. We laugh alot! Our r newest member Chino, flops on everyone for a scratch and cuddle and tickle.We yawn, doze, mumble and the hours slip away.

We share about iour understanding of the Day of Atonement. It is really about At One Ment.

Its all about gratitude. And this video says it all


All my children are home, today and for that, for today, I am truly grateful.

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