Meeting and Embracing Your Inner Child

WOW!!!- What a fantastic response!!  

Thank you so, so much for sharing with me your incredible shifts and changes. I am so excited that the heart opening meditation brought you face to face with your beautiful Inner Child. This is truly a transformational experience.

Some of you have asked me whether I can keep the course

Day Dreaming

at this price for a while longer so that they can tell their friends. Well, how about this?

Meeting and Embracing Your Inner Child is only $19.99.

So what is an on-line course and how does it work? You will receive an email from me each day ( for 3 days). At the bottom of the email you will see some links like this:

MP3  Healing the Childlike Part of Ourselves

Just click these links.It is that easy.

 Meeting and Embracing Your Inner Child ON-LINE

About 6 years old

Guess who?

 On three consecutive days you will receive an email from me. Each day gives you an opportunity to meet and embrace the Child Within. Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, says we left our inner child behind when we entered the “responsible” world of adulthood.

Our Inner Child wants the best for us, wants to help us to create a wondrous, joyous, ecstatic, fulfilling life. We ignore its input, its contribution because of its “childishness.” Yet, it is just that childlike nature that can serve our higher and true calling in life.

Lesson 1. Who and What is the INNER CHILD

*An audio lesson with exercises and information about the Inner Child
* PDF called Connecting to and Embracing the Inner Child
* MP3 on the becoming present
Lesson 2. Meeting and Embracing the INNER CHILD
mp3 Meditation- meeting your Inner Child
* PDF called Healing your Inner Child
Lesson 3. Communicating with  INNER CHILD
* Follow up after Inner Child Meditation
* Two additional Healing Exercises
* mp3 Meditation


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