Raising a new Doctor in the Congo

I have never been to the Democratic Republic of Congo but I know a few people who were born there, a few people who live there and one amazing person who has dedicated her life to making a difference there. Her name is Barbara Ferguson and in the next few posts I want to talk about her work and the difference she is making in Goma amonst the Pygmie people.However in this blog I want to tell you about Carin. But lets go back to the beginning.

A number of years ago I was introduced to a young man who was about to be adopted by my friend in York Pennsylvania. His name is Makaya and his story is one of the most remarkable stories and I am looking forward to sharing that story too. But this is not about Makaya or Barbara.

Makaya has three brothers and although he was able to escape from the Congo and become an asylum seeker in the United States his brothers remained in the Congo doing their best to make a life for themselves.

It was because of Makaya that I too wanted to make a difference and that led me to his amazing brother Carin. Carin is the most intelligent,  bright, enthusiastic, and  determined young man I have ever known. He is studying to become a doctor  and so it was impossible for me not to get caught up that dream  with him. So I started a small fund for him.

With a lot of help from my friend Elizabeth Revell in the States and a number of exceptional people along the way Carin now studies medicine at Kinshasa University. He works as hard as any one could work to achieve his dream.

I want to support Carin in every way to attain his dream of being a doctor but my resourses have a limit.

If you ever have a little spare change and would like to donate  to helping this wonderful young man become a doctor you can make an on line donation through Pay Pay. The money will be sent directly to an account set up for the sole purpose of funding Carin’s courses.

Thank you and bless you. Every little kindness we show ripples throughout the world.

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