Just Open the Door


Just open the door

The door to who you are is always open. Just don’t get distracted by your job, your role in the family, your successes or your ‘failures’ ( there are no failures but sometimes we all temporarily forget that)

Dont get caught up in your emotions your thoughts, your hurt or your pride, because that’s not who you are either. And don’t get side tracked by other peoples opinion of you no matter if they are positive or negative,e because that too is not who you are.And when you do something you judge as wrong, or something you judge as fantastic don’t get too involved in that because that too is not who you are.

So who AM I?

At the core of everyone we are beauty, innocence and unconditional love. We are sweetness, compassion and kindness.We are that indivisible spark of multi-faceted diamond light, radiant and sparkling, luminescent, and eternally bright. When we laugh, when we play, when we are detached from everything that comes and goes, we are who we are. When we let go as soon as life happens around us, we are who we are.

And how do we get there?

We start with identifying when we are NOT being who you are. At the beginning of every Level of Being it feels a bit heavy, uncomfortable and well icky.. and that’s GREAT because then you can feel the energy of when you are not being who you are. You feel your personality, your emotional body, your mental body. And they are NOT You. And once you identify what is not you, you can choose to unravel and peel away that which is hiding your true essence. When you let go of the illusions of who you thought you were, who you really are shines brighter and brighter.

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    Hi just wanted to say that I like your article very much. Please keep up the good posts

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