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You have to laugh. At least I had to laugh. After devoting the past 12 years of my life to writing, sharing and teaching the 12 Levels of Being I suddenly realised how complex I have made something that is so very, very simple. Why have I made this system so hard to understand? After all we learn best that which is clear and practical and easy to relate to. Well, sometimes when we are trying too hard to share something we love we just over sell it. You know what I mean? We are so excited by a marvellous realisation we forget that everyone and everything has its own perfect timing.

So, I have slightly changed the names of each level and set about to not only write about them but to help us live them  in effortless ease through them. Because they are an  integral part of our life. Everything in Life evolves through the levels. We do it by  simply becoming more in tune with consciousness. The more aligned we are to consciousness the more we evolve and the easier it is  to recognise and own claim the core of who we are as Love. The more we love the more we evolve until we literally overcome matter. Now that doesn’t mean we can walk through walls, or  on water, although I know we can do that too. ( But that is another story)  It means that we recognise the truth has nothing to do with how we look, what we do, how well we succeed or how big our enterage or following. All that is just illusion. And very enticing ,sticky illusion at that. But illusion just the same.

So let’s look at the 12 levels of Being from the perspective of a road map through which we can navigate our life. Where are we going you ask? Nowhere. We are not going any where. And that’s the point. The whole of life is simply in this moment.  Right Now. It may not always lok like that but if you ask yourself “How am I doing right now?” what is your answer. If you were not regretting anything in the past, or concerned, worried or afraid of anything in the future, how are you now? We need to learn how to be present. So look around then close your eyes, take a deep deep breath and ask yourself  how am I right now?

Until we stop looking for enlightenment we will never find the peace and contentment that is in this very moment.

They are the key to living life without fear stress and worry and who in the world doesn’t want an honest, joyful, healthy life no matter what your situation. This is a system that expands you consciousness. It is a 12 faceted diamond. Each facet connects to another and as you look into the diamond  every facet can be seen separate and all at one time. The system lifts and expands. Every level has a practical application that enables us to lift up and out of struggle, worry, pain and fear. It is a system that takes you into your physical consciousness first and these four statements when used every day instantly wake us up from complacency, urgency, victimhood and self judgment. The first four levels are:

It’s your choice. Feel your Emotions. Don’t believe everything you think. Take your time.

1. It’s Your Choice

When we believe that the situations we find ourselves  control our lives we become a victim to circumstances. A victim cannot see beyond the appearance. A victim cannot see the big picture. A victim’s main mode of operating is resistance. Resisting life as it is. A victim complains. It’s so unfair. It’s too hard. This shouldn’t happen. Why me? A victim is resentful angry and negative. A victim tries to analyse and mentalist their life. So what can we do if we choose not to be the victim?

We can choose to be the creator. The creator sees potential in every situation. A creator lives in appreciation and embraces whatever life has to offer. A creator says yes to life and so lives in abundance. A creator does not live in a world of good and bad or right or wrong because the creator knows everything in life has potential and purpose. The creator turns, catastrophe into opportunity. The creator reaches into the depths of compassion and becomes the greatest examples of humanity.

Choice is unlimited and it is always there.

Free will gives us the choice to be victim or creator. Choice is our birthright. We have the choice to live in love or in fear.

So here are the levels in a nutshell. And in the next few weeks I will be writing about each one.

It’s your Choice

Feel your Emotions

Don’t believe everything you think

Take your time

Let’s leap into the unknown

Observe the mass consciousness

Breathe Intention- Breathe out-tention

Reach for the stars

Let go, Let go, Let go

Live Unconditional Love

Stop Look and Listen

Being Being


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