10 Keys to Being Who You Are


When we say, “I am just being myself” what do we really mean?

 How many times have you heard someone say that sentence to you?

How many times have you heard yourself say those words?

I used to say them myself. I heard myself apologising for my own opinion, as if it was not as valid as someone else’s.  I heard myself trying not to sound too clever, too arrogant, too right, too anything…and then one day I stopped. I started to say, my opinion is… my thoughts around this issue are..I don’t agree… I have a similar belief… I started to Be Who I Am

We all tend to apologise more than necessary, don’t you think?

We say sorry if we tap someone’s shopping trolley. We say sorry for phoning a friend who is busy. We say sorry if we pass someone on a narrow street. We say sorry for our children, husband, cat and dog.

Why do we sometimes apologise for who we are?

I wonder whether we use that way of speaking to avoid confrontation. If we say ‘just’ are we side stepping responsibility?

Are we are minimising what we truly believe, just in case someone criticises or disagrees with us?

Are we intending to defend our beliefs but only if the person we are talking to agrees with us?

No matter why we do it, when we say, ‘I am just being myself” we are undermining ourselves.

How do we fully be who we are? How do we know that what we think, say and do is fully aligned with the truth of who we are? How do we walk and talk in authenticity with who we are?

 Ten Clues – When we are not Being Who We Are

1: Our role (mother, sister, father, friend) our gender, and our profession are not who we are, but merely functions through which we learn to be who we are.

2: When we find ourselves rushing to an appointment, forgetting where we left the keys, or missing a good friend’s birthday, anniversary or party, know you are not being who you are.

3:  Arguing, insulting, blaming anyone for our upset is a sure sign you are not Being Who You Are.  Remember when you are upset, you are being set-up to remember who you are.

4: When we feel anxious, irritated, angry, depressed, miserable, jealous, we are being given clear signs that we are not being who we are. They are emotional reactions and we are not our emotions.

5. When we try to be someone we think we should be, someone we wish we were, or someone we know we are not, we are not Being Who We Are.

6. When we take nature for granted, we are not being who we are.

7: When we believe everything we hear or see in the media, we are missing the illusion of the manipulation and we lose touch with who we are

8: When we repeat the same mistakes and use excuses to explain why we don’t make a change, we are not being who we are

9: When we create limitations that hold us back from achieving our potential, we are not being who we are.

10:  When we hide behind our shields and masks and rationalise our behaviour, we are not Being Who We Are

Ten  Keys to Being Who We Are.

 1: Every time you laugh, from deep in your belly, you are Being Who You Are. Laughter ignites all our chakras, one at a time, until they all spin in perfect balance and En-Lighten us. The more we laugh and play and have fun, the more we are Being Who We Are.

2: When you behave towards yourself and others from unconditional loving kindness, you are Being Who You Are. Finding creative ways to express yourself, verbally, cognitively, artistically, honestly, whilst retaining loving kindness is Being Who You Are.

3: When you respond, and not re-ACT (which is an emotional knee jerk) you use your ability to see beyond the event, to use your innate wisdom and look at the significance. When we connect to who we are we choose to consider what would a loving harmless action look like.  It is both in that process and in the delivery of the action that we are then Being Who We Are.

4:When you understand where others are coming from especially when they don’t understand you, you are Being Who You Are.

5: When you come from an inner joy you will find a gentleness that is Who You Are.   Rather than criticising yourself or others, when you ask yourself what is going on right now, and patiently wait for the answer, you are Being Who You Are.

6: When you know what nourishes you, you are Being Who You Are. Knowing what supports you at different times in your life means you are Being Who you Are. When you listen to the food that calls to you, and you eat just enough to satisfy that calling, or when you gift yourself with a massage, a walk, a hug, a swim or anything that reminds you of your worth you are Being Who You Are.

7: When you listen to your intuition and act on it, knowing it comes from your deepest, (highest) wisdom, you are Being Who you are. When we allow ourselves to be the psychic Beings that we all are, when we develop our innate ability to be telepathic, when we KNOW what is the right path for us to travel upon, we are Being Who We Are.

8:   When we embrace silence we are Being Who We Are. Silence is the well of Wisdom. Silence in some ways is a misnomer because you open the path to true guidance. The more frequently you allow yourself to BE in silence the more you are en-lightened and of course that is Being Who You Are.

9: When we expect nothing, we are Being Who We Are. Allowing and Accepting everything,  is Being Who You Are. When we stop making up reasons for what happens, or interpreting events, or analysing situations and  people, but rather know that what happens, happens because it happens, then we are Being Who We Are.

10: When we know that what we see, and hear may not be what it appears to be, indeed may actually be an illusion, then we are Being Who We Are. When we trust our own inner sight, inner voice, inner antenna, we Are Being Who We Are.


      Choose one Key a day and watch yourself Be (come)  Who You Are.

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