We Made It- 2013








We made it. The Piscean Age has ended and we have stepped into a New Era, a New Age, and new energy.

The Age of Aquarius has dawned. So what does that mean to each of us on a personal level? What does the energy feel like? How can we know we are flowing with this new vibration?

“Those who have been willing to step into the new vibrational frequency will flow with the energy. Those who have not will struggle with the energy.” John the Beloved  10.12.12

Every 26,000 years we have the opportunity to begin in a new energy. The passed Age was one of descending darkness. In recordable history we know of revolutions that took place through force and violence, we know of wars, some lasting one hundred years or more, we know of holocausts, some continuing to this day. That is not to say that we have not learned and grown and flourished. The Love Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s opened the doors to a new kind of freedom; however it too was immersed in drama and emotion.

In the wise words of intuitive healer Julia Griffin “The new era brings fulfillment in a different form through love of self, change in the outer world based on personal evolution and understanding the value of inner connectedness, as well as a few surprises yet to be perceived. The next two years offer a rare opportunity for awakening.”

Over the past 30-40 years there has been a consistently growing number of people exploring, sharing and teaching ways to live and love in true authenticity.

To be who we are in loving acceptance of who we are without a single grain of abusive self-criticism or judgment.

A number of years ago I was given 6 principles that support this concept.

Later I did a course with dear friend and teacher Helen Barton   who introduced the 7 Spiritual Truths. These universal principles not only guide us towards being balanced in all aspects of our life but remind us how to embrace every experience without judgment.

The first principle is to Be Who You Are. To know who we are requires deep and loving introspection. It also requires an understanding of the construct of Choice.



The second principle is to Accept All That Is. I see Byron Katie as an example of someone who has learned how to accept all that is. A woman recently wrote to Katie in deepest grief and sadness over the sudden unexpected death of her friends 6 year old child. Katie draws on her own personal experience of watching her beloved sister, Sharon die of cancer. Reading this letter is an incredible experience.

Losing a Child

Recently I read a marvelous quote from transformational life coach and Holistic health practitioner, Laurie Buchanan. She says, “Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing.” This being true, we can never legitimately complain about anything that is in our power to change. Every time we complain we become a victim. Taking responsibility for our choices, turning them into positive lessons for ourselves, turns us from being victims into being creators. Being a creator is the essence of being divine.

The third principle is to Live in Harmlessness. In some ways this is the most difficult because it includes seeing beyond the illusion of our words, our thoughts and our actions. We may think that giving our children mountains of material things at Christmas or on birthdays  is an act of love, but what are we really teaching them? To love the material. To become possessive and even greedy. To want more. To forget how to connect to and commune with nature. To crowd and clutter their environment leaving no space for creativity and spontaneity.

When we assume something about another and take action based on that assumption we are not living in harmlessness. When we drain the oceans of too many fish, or deplete our earth’s natural resources far beyond our needs, or when ignore our inner wisdom we are not living in harmlessness.

As we take these principles into our life, we will have countless opportunities to also  forget them. Every time we become aware of our forgetfulness and address the situation with loving kindness towards ourselves we awaken further. The particles of awakening are never lost, they never fade, in fact they accumulate and grow and become like a wave.

The next two of three years will bring waves upon waves of this new vibration of bliss and peace into your life.

Be patient with yourselves and with each other and take a little time each day to remember what is wonderful and beautiful about yourself. This can only add to the waves of loving consciousness we continue to grow  here together.

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