Juicy Coincidences

When was your last juicy coincidence?

And when was the last time you told someone about it?

When was the last time you recognised a miracle in your life? When was the last time you squealed with joy? When was the last time you shared a good story, an exciting moment, an everyday miracle with another person?

Whether it was a friend who just ‘happened’ to call at the right time or whether you suddenly looked up and realised a million billion stars were shining down on you, it is usually the small stuff that pours magic into our lives.

Watching my new granddaughter open her eyes wider than I thought was even possible when she sees the leaves move in the wind, or closing her eyes as she feels the sun her pure white skin, or hearing a sound that is brand new,  life for her is a miracle a minute.

As we grow up and become a little more used to seeing the incredible perhaps we do need to identify what is a miracle.  Miracles, ( for me)  are unexpected, magical moments that leave us feeling delighted, thrilled, grateful, sometimes in awe and always in wonder.

When an everyday miracle occurs we always ask , how did that happen?  Many people believe that  miracles are extraordinary events that go beyond natural scientific laws and usually have a spiritual correlation. But I have found that more often than not a miracle is in the eye of the beholder. There is an old Chinese proverb that says  ” The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on earth.’

Some of us have lost the freedom to call an experience that is full of wonder, that is remarkable, strange and amazing, a miracle. I know that there are times I bubble over with enthusiasm and I am told  ‘calm down’. Dampening our enthusiasm to fit in with other peoples expectations of us is a bit like throwing a blanket over our heads whilst watching Cirque Du Soleil. Why would you?

Recently I was on tour through Victoria, talking about the hidden gifts, the magical moments the unexpected blessings of dementia. Its true. There are such times. Many of them actually. And after every talk my husband and I would explore the town. We would wander into a shop and before long I would be hearing someones life story. Takes Margaret for instance. She has been collecting eggs for 57 years! Beautiful emu, ostrich, duck and quail eggs. Carved, painted  and turned into containers, carriages or magical stories with creatures inside them.

 Or the man who painted 20 tables because he was opening an art deco restaurant but when it came time to ope,n the council  changed the zoning to non commercial. So what did he do? He began a whole new business of hand painted tables and sells them all over the world.


Or Roslyn who could not afford to live in Melbourne any longer and found a new house and a business in Coleraine for less that $80,000. The miracle was not in finding the house she assured me, it was having to leave Melbourne!

Let’s make this ‘Share a Juicy Miracle’ month. Share it will verve and enthusiasm. Share it with passion and bravado. Share it with buskers, best friends and bankers. Share your delight and watch how your story will put a spring into the step of everyone around.

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