It’s Time to Move

PK arrived as an 8 week old puppy and became our sixth child. For the first few years he found more ways to escape than we thought possible. No sooner had we built a new fence and closed all visible exits he would find another way to roam the streets and visit his canine pals. He was our ever loving loyal companion for fifteen years.  Deeply loved. He was my foot rest for the three years I wrote my first book The 12 Levels of Being and he allowed us to walk over and around him as if he were a breathing rug especially in the last year or so.

On his last night, I brought my pillow down and lay on the wooden kitchen floor beside him. His back legs could no longer raise his body. I placed a towel under his rare end but I knew he was humiliated when he could not control himself. It is painful to see a dog in shame. Arm over his old shoulder I whispered that it was time and he would be all right.

We all gathered around him in the morning and called our eldest daughter, Sheli in Israel to be part of the end. The vet, a very kind and compassionate man arrived at 8 am. Each of us thanked PK for giving us such unconditional love. We all placed out hands on him as he turned his head as if to say goodbye to each of us. Orly sat guard over his body now wrapped in a pink sheet. We carried him up together, covered him and said a few words.

Our three boys and Oren dug a deep hole in the back of the yard. We placed a piece of wood near him and mourned for a few years. I missed him with all my heart.
  Five years later Oren and I finally agreed we would buy another dog and tiny sweet Chino arrived. He was my baby and I love him beyond words. Never in my wildest imagination could I have believed I would do with him what I am about to do.  After my dad died we inherited Beau and after a little time of getting used to each other Chino and Beau became dear and wonderful friends.  They slept next to each other, ate from the same bowl, walked together and with the exception of  the times I allowed them upstairs, where Chino lay on our bed and Beau on my meditation rug they were together all the time.

The time has come to move on. I feel ready to leave this wonderful home but there is pain too. For both Oren and I the call is strong. For Oren it is to reconnect to his spirit that has patiently waited for his return. A return to the land of his birth. We are going back for a few months to see and touch and taste and feel the healing energy of Israel. And with that decision comes the pain. Not in leaving the house or even Australia, though leaving our granddaughter for a few months will be hard, but having to find a new home for my Chino and his adopted brother Beau, my father’s beloved dog who, rescued at the eleventh hour by Donna, we inherited when Dad died.  To actually hand them over and say good bye. Chino is an amazingly intelligent dog. Wise and very chatty. We have talked telepathically since he was a baby and I have told him. He knows. He is not particularly happy about it but he understands. That does not make it any easier for me.  All I want to do is hold him, smell him and tell him I love him.  He came into my life when I was not laughing very much. I needed a dog and Chino was my fluffy angel. I called him my substitute grandchild.

And Beau. We have loved and cared for him for over a year and now he will go back to the person who saved his life to ease my fathers’ last few years. My sister.

In a few weeks I will leave this home and close the door for the last time. Will I turn around and shed a tear?  I’m sure I will. I’m sure I will look back and say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ for being our sanctuary for the past twenty three years.

And the future? I have no idea how it will unfold, but one thing I am sure about,  it will be an adventure.  A great and wonderful adventure and I’m ready.

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  • Estelle

    Dr Seuss said it beautifully in his book "oh the places you you will go" Travel safely with the speed of love and lightheartedness wherever you will go. Much love journey well and keep in touch. Estelle xxxx

  • keili

    Hi Sharon Keili here! Funny! I have been thinking about you last few weeks, so it's interesting that you are entering another chapter. I hope all goes well and you travel in to a new phase of happiness. I have discovered that it's actually quite lovely growing older, so congratulations for your 60th!! I'm writing to wish you well, and to let you know that a journey I began with you a few years ago at one of the retreats you taught has come full circle. During that retreat you directed us in a writing exercise, and the group's response to my small offering was unconditional. I have since written a book, Turner. A Cat's Story, a novel about a cat who has paranormal abilities, and astral travels from life to life . My book launch is on the 28 November at Hornsby Library, 6.30pm. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for reigniting this spark in me, as I know there will be more books to come. I would love to post you a copy -maybe you could read it on the plane! But I do want to make sure that it gets to Sylvan Ave befor you leave. All the best, and much love, I am certain our paths will cross again. You have been a very important part of my life. Shalom Keili x

  • Pam Baker

    Here's to PK, Chino & Beau, adventure & freedom.Yahoo!!!

  • Estelle Phillips

    Dr Seuss expressed this so beautifully in his book "Oh the places you will go!" Travel safely with the speed of love and lightheartedness. Much love, a very big hug and kisses for your journey to wherever "you will go!" Estelle

  • Denise Bloom

    Dear Sharon, Thank you for all the wonderful stories you have shared. G-d bless and wishing you peace and happiness on the next leg of your journey. With Light and Love, Denise.

  • Tanya Fox

    Dear dear sweet Sharon, I know I've not been in touch for a while, but do know that I always follow your travels and always knew that you were just a few kilometres away in St.Ives. So, now I want to wish you well on your move to Israel. God Bless you on your adventures Hopefully technology will keep us connected. I do hope our paths will cross again Much Love Light and Peace with you my dear Tanya xx

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