Smile and the World Smiles With You….

Recently I was waiting in a line waiting to go to the “Ladies” and the person in front of me started to sing. She was not giving us a concert or trying to show her fine voice. She just started to sing. It wasn’t a song I had ever heard before in fact it had no words, but the sound was sweet and the result was that all of us waiting for a free cubicle, simply smiled. And we smiled at each other. Strangers connected because we were sharing something unusual and lovely.

My friend Helen also sings whilst she’s waiting for her online meetings to commence. I love that. I get on the phone, call the number, press the pin code and then I hear this sweet voice singing on the other end.  Her singing always makes me feel light and happy. I smile even before I say hullo.

Children sing all the time.  Especially the little ones. They sing to themselves and they sing with friends. They never think whether they sing well or not, they just sing. It’s the same as laughing. Children laugh spontaneously every day.

It is said that children laugh far more often than adults. Some say at least one hundred times more a day. The sound of children’s laughter brings so much joy.  We become rather strange and silly and do all sorts of creative and wonderful things to entice more smiles, giggles and laughter from babies and children. We raise the pitch of our voice, along with height of our eye brows and make funny faces, peculiar sounds, we whoop and ah and oooh  in the hope that we will be rewarded with a smile or a chuckle.

This has been a challenging year for many of us and there were times I neither sang nor smiled. So a few months ago I gave myself a challenge.

I challenged myself to smile at every person I passed for whole one day. Sounds easy, but its not. I started out smiling at the person who parked beside me in the car park, and she smiled back.  Then I smiled at a woman carrying a baby and pushing a trolley. She didn’t respond but as I was not doing this to a make people smile at me. Then I smiled at the butcher handing out cooked sausages and the child standing beside his mother buying a piece of fish. And  I just kept on going. A man with tattoos down both arm walked passed I nodded out a smile. By now was feeling pretty amazing. I had a secret. This smiling was shifting my energy. I smiled at the person ahead of me in the line to pay for our groceries and as soon as I smiled she began chatting and casually we began to share a story or two until we went our ways but I felt light and full of joy.  The simple act of smiling at everyone for one day is enlightening.

An enlightening experience does not mean we we are suddenly enlightened. It means that every time we sing, smile, or just kick up our heels we lift our own energy and become lighter. We enlighten ourselves and in doing that we lift the energy of those around us.

So simple. So powerful.

I don’t make New Years resolutions very often but I am called to make one for next year. I commit to singing more often. Allowing my voice to lift my spirits. I have begun to sing to my grandchildren. Songs I make up on the spot

Its time, time, time to have your lunch,

Yummy yummy for my tummy

Lunch, lunch, lunch.

Tomato and cucumber, sandwich and egg

waiting on your plate

not smooshy on your leg.

Hurry hurry hurry

eat your lunch before it’s just too late.

They laugh. I laugh and we continue to be playful all day.

And , number 2, I commit to creating a “smile at everyone day’ a few times week.

Who knows. We may en-lighten ourselves in the process.

As the year draws to a close I have a strong sense that 2018 will be a wonderful year. The number 18 in Hebrew means Life and 1 plus 8 is nine. Ending  of a cycle and creative beginnings. However, 2018 is an 11 year and so it will be a year of wisdom, greater acceptance and creativity.

A Brand New Program for 2018

I am thrilled to be offering a new program called The 4P Process which takes us to a whole new level. This program is for those who have either never explored The 12 Levels of Being as well as those who have attended past workshops and are now curious and ready to take a leap into what is now possible.

This program offers us a process that is simple enough to access at any time that will enable us to overcome and move through situations that are challenging in life.

I will be sharing more about The 4P Process is future newsletters. I warmly invite you join me in taking your knowledge and experience to an entirely new level of understanding. through using this Program to unlock resistance, uncertainty, blockages and stagnation in our lives. It is time to shine our light as we have never shone before.

Please contact me for further information regarding The 4P Process.

Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25.

Venue in North Sydney.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, peaceful, passionate and prosperous 2018.







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    What a beautiful story Sharon. I have realised that as soon as I step outside my front door there is a very friendly world out there to greet me, to connect with and I enjoy smiling when someone comes my way .It does warm the cockles of my heart as I go about my business to exchange smiles and sometimes little chats. It's as if we all have that warm spot inside of us where we resonate together. I live next to a large park where children come to play and the sound of their joyousness and excitement as they run around makes a wonderful background chorus to my day. I love that you sing with your grandchildren. I have recently started singing little dittys around my home that definitely lighten my day. After reading your words I feel inspired to do it more frequently and indeed why not right now!! Frequently groups gather at my home on Friday evenings to play with sound. We use our voices to create a joyous experience and it's as if this spontaneous connection creates a wonderful feeling of Oneness. Thank you so much for reminding me of the importance of smiling and singing.

    • Sharon

      Dearest Ulli, Im smiling as I read your beautiful words. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings when I sometimes forget to smile. Love you.

  • Dr. Ansel Woldt

    Dear Sharon, I am so moved by your December blog that I'd like to send it on to some of my family and friends with my holiday greeting. Of course I will cite you as author and give appropriate credits. I will look forward to your response. In fact, I'll also send this request to your email. Mucho Hugs, Ansel

    • Sharon

      When I think of our time together so many, many years ago in Stockholm my heart glows like a warm candle and lifts the corners of my mouth and crinkles the corners of my eyes and before you know it, every cell is smiling. I would be honoured for you to share this blog. Thank you.

  • Oren

    Another beautiful piece of writing by my beautiful wife. Congratulation.

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