How does Spirit Tap you?

How does Spirit tap you?   Does it come on the wings of a bird or through a fallen feather? Does it come through the words of a song or in the whisper of a dream? Does it come whilst you’re walking, or when you are sitting watching the ocean. One thing is for sure, if we try too hard, or worry too much, or focus on getting things right, Spirits tap can be easily missed. If we get stuck in our fears or concerns or drown in our own expectations, we will probably miss the gentle guidance sent to us.

If you choose to stay busy trying to get things right … Spirit will still softly tap or even nudge you on the shoulder, but you probably won’t feel a thing.

This was one of the reasons I have come to Venice. To hear the whisper, to feel the nudge. To  listen to the guidance and allow myself to be shown what is next. The where, the how and the what, are so often things we struggle to get right. But what if trying to get it right is a sure way to get it wrong?

If you know, as I do, that we are spiritual beings here to experience physicality and also to fulfill our part in the Divine Plan, then surly we will be given all the guidance we need, if only we can stop long enough to listen, feel , see and understand the sign posts.

Part of this journey includes our free will. The signs are there but we can choose how and when to follow them. That’s the tricky part. For me at least.

So here I am in a new country, alone, with only a brand new spattering of Italian and a huge  physical need to talk to people. But I have discovered a part of myself that I had forgotten. A part of myself that 40 years of marriage and five children hid very well.

I don’t approach new people very easily. I get on the vaporetto (boat bus) and stand in the same corner and quietly just watch everyone. I go into a café or a restaurant and sit quietly and no matter who’s around, I don’t start up a conversation.  If I hear English I might say something, but I don’t naturally start up a conversation. I am equally as introverted and as I am extroverted and the situation could have gone on and on like that except, a few days ago I got a very sore tooth.

I sent a message to a new Australian friend living here in Venice asking whether she knows a dentist. I wrote to my Italian teacher and I wrote to an Italian friend, who speaks perfect English and who was introduced to Oren and I years ago. No one answered. So what do I do? I’m in pain and am starting to feel a bit hot and damnit I’m alone. It’s early morning. The chemists are still closed. I feel tired. Hard to get out of bed. I know I have an infection and I have to do something.

 I get up and go to a café not far from my home. The owner doesn’t not speak one word of English. I approach her and try to tell her I need a dentist. Niente. Nothing. She doesn’t understand.  She looks at me and waits. I feel myself get anxious. I miss Oren so much at that moment I can feel the tears. And then I’m angry and then I’m sorry for myself. All this in less than a second.

I search my brain for the words in Italian. Ho…. un problema. Mi… ( oh God what’s need)  serve… ( Yes, serve)  un dentista.

Bingo. And the owner told me where there was a dentist and how to get to him. And suddenly just like that, we became friends.

I found the name of a dentist on the outside wall of a locked residential building across the Guidecca canal. How do I get into the building? Suddenly, a cleaner arrives and opens the door to the entrance. I calmly follow into the building, pretending I am supposed to be here at 8 am. I take a lift to the 3rd floor and knock on the door that has a sign Dentisa. A round lady, dressed in a green apron opens the door, and looks very surprised. She says what do I want in Italian. I understand but get tongue-tied trying to tell her.  I squeeze out the same sentence again. “Ho un problema. Mi serve un dentista.”

A few hours later I meet an elderly dentist, with a huge mop of grey curly hair and two seriously blood shot eyes. He  tells me I have a big problem. He doesn’t speak a word of English but he says ‘problema’ and shows me BIG with his arms. I will need root canal treatment, antibiotics and rest. He draws a picture. Slowly. Kindly. And a few words are the same in English. Necrosis. Pulp. Dead.

I’m so happy. I have a problem and I have a dentist. Couldn’t be better, but it is.

As I sit on the Vaporetto still completely numb from the injections I realise I have spoken to 3 new people in one day and I have a new friend, (even though we can’t really talk yet)  There are times I absolutely hate being so alone. I haven’t been hugged for 3 weeks. To be fair I have had some human contact though, thanks to a rough but very friendly hairdresser.

But this tooth problem has been a God sent. Literally.

It has helped me break through an old pattern of shyness.

We don’t often thank Spirit for ill health but you know the saying, “Spirit works in mysterious ways.” I know that inflammation is anger. I talked about it in my last post. Last night realised I needed to punch a couple of pillows and shed a few hot tears. Anger may not bring him back but it sure helped me clear away some old energy.

And  I got to speak to three strangers and make a new friend.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t a spiritual tap. Maybe it was more like a  shove, but whatever it was, I heard it,  put something into action and here I am, in Venice, loving the experience. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I’m  even looking forward to my next dental appointment.

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  • Joanne

    Oooh poor you! Hope its better now Xxx

  • Anne

    Hope you are recovering? I am sending you hugs every day! A remarkable coincidence as G had root canal surgery on Wednesday , how does that work? Wonderful words as

  • Phil Reilly

    Sharon you are wonderful :)

    • Sharon

      It takes one to know one darling Phil.Love you to the moon and back. ( Its a NEW MOON today)

  • Jan Latta

    My belief in life is –after a bad thing, good things happen. I'm so glad you are happy and enjoying life. Now settled down and let your creativity flow. lots of love Jan

    • Sharon

      Hi Jan, Im in the mode of experiencing right now. Everything without plan. It's not time to settle down. Being who I Be and allowing myself to be guided is all there is.

    • Sharon

      Hi Jan, Im in the mode of experiencing right now. Everything without plan. It’s not quite time to settle down. Being who we Be and Allowing ourselves to be guided, and Accepting All That Is, is all there is.

  • Carmen Almenara

    Dearest Sharon... I love you...I miss you...I want to hug you! I read your blog and Spirit tap me big time through the honesty and transparency of your words! What an inspiration you are... wise and brave, a wondrous warrior on her quest... and you have already opened a door! Sending you much love, light and healing energy for your tooth! Carmen xx

    • Sharon

      I love you too Carmen. I am always so moved to know when Spirit taps us and I thank you too for sharing. The tooth is going to heal. Everything else is following gently.

  • Barbara Ferguson

    Dearest Sharon - sending you love and so many thought hugs to make up for the days you missed. Spirit sends us what we need. Thanks for sharing your wisdom again. xoxoxo

    • Sharon

      Hi Barb, Nothing has been missed. Its all part of the Greater plan.

  • bunty krishnasamy

    Lots of love,hugs and light.:) :)

  • Marcy Stern

    I love your writing, Sharon - so unbelievably REAL. The gifts of health issues is something I work with everyday - I work in Integrative Medicine at a cancer hospital - run lots of groups, etc. It amazes me that almost every patient who gets involved in their own dealing process comes to appreciate the gift of cancer - and, yes, I know how weird that sounds. The discoveries and new appreciations are profound :)

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