A Simple Conversation

If you wanted to ask anyone in the world a question, who would you ask and what would you want to know.

Some of us tend to hide behind the words and the questions of others. We hesitate in putting ourselves out there and speaking up for a number of reasons, some of which we imagine are valid. Perhaps it is fear of being judged or ridiculed. Perhaps it is fear of being ignored or worse still, the fear of being seen.

The world we all live in is struggling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Physically through Covid, climatic changes and environmental issues. We are watching super powers beating their chests in a he-man show of who is stronger. Emotionally there is fear and anger, resistance and resignation towards our leaders, our friends and families and those whose differences apparently form a bridge too wide for some of us to cross.

Mentally there is trauma, despair, anxiety and uncertainty. None of us are sure what is coming next. In truth we never have but somehow our lack of control or the imposing of control upon us, causes us to feel powerless.  And if you are thinking right now that this does not include you, just turn on your TV, read a headline, listen to your friends whose jobs are on the line or whose marriages are breaking down or simply ask yourself what are you doing to make this world a little better. So unless you have suddenly left this world, and are floating around in nirvana, this definitely does include you.

Our world cannot heal unless we take that hugely courageous step into the unknown and share ourselves from the heart of who we are. Sharing our thoughts and ideas without clashes and chaos. When was the last time someone did or said something that you absolutely disagreed with, but were willing to quietly discuss it without accusations about who is right and who is wrong?

So here is my invitation. A conversation.

If you wanted to ask anyone in the world a question, who would you ask and what would you genuinely want to know?

AND, if you are brave and are willing to throw caution to the wind, have that conversation the next time you go into the office, or sit at the table with family, or are with your doctor or waiter, or son or daughter.




There is no right or wrong question or answer. EVER

Write your thoughts or questions below and every month we will have a topic of conversation that may just inspire someone to take it one step further.

My question for this month:

To the man who sits on the corner of George St outside the Queen Victoria Building-  “What’s your name, and how’s it all going?”

PS: If you happen to see him before I do, can you please ask him for me?


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