Did That Hurt You?

I doubt there are many of us who can honestly say we have never been hurt by another.

But what really does it mean to be hurt?

Someone blamed, accused, lied or gossiped about you? Someone projected their upset, their pain their anxiety, their unhappy childhood, their unfulfilled expectations onto you?

But what does it mean to you that you allow yourself to be hurt?

There are those who can never understand us, no matter how much we try to open our heart and attempt to explain or share what we are feeling. There will always be those who choose not to explore their own personality or attempt to understand or accept their own shortcomings.

Is that hurtful to you? Does that cause the pain?

There are countless reasons we can say someone else hurt me. I am upset about the way John spoke to me. I am hurt about the way Sam cheated on me. I am outraged by the way my late partner’s family is challenging her will. The list goes on and on and on.

And yet the only reason we are ever hurt or upset is because we have temporarily forgotten who we are.

When we are in alignment with who we are, we are in Balance. All our energy centres, ( chakras) and there are many, are spinning in healthy, vibrant, colorful directions. We understand the polarities that exist within ourselves, the Light and the Shadow, and we are willing to see them as opportunities to go within and recognize why we over-shadow ourselves with external situations and other people’s actions.

What do we gain? And what do we lose?

On a soul level are gifted with opportunities to choose – to feel resentful, hurt, hard-done by, or excited that here is another opportunity to rise up and above the mediocre, petty, un-fulfilling banter that aims to reduce our joy, our inner power and peace.

And by recognizing these opportunities and diving into the significance of them, we grow and flourish and move into and onto embracing the higher vibration of being who we really are.

Not every challenge, however is a lesson. There are times when we find ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again and It’s almost as if we are trying to get our own attention. And we are.

We repeat a word for example. ”You know? You know?”  or ‘Do you understand? Do you understand?”  ” I know. I know”. Or you always  choose the same kind of partner who leaves you feeling empty, used, uncared for, for example. Or the same kind of job, that is unfulfilling, swallows up all your free time, leaves you carrying the load which then leaves you with a headache, every single day.

Of course you are trying to get your own attention. But what do you do then?

Many philosophers, physicists, scientist and spiritual teachers know there is more to us than our physical being. Yes, we have a heart but unless we access the mind of our heart we lose ourselves in a whirlpool of emotion. Yes, we have a mind but unless we access the heart within the mind we lose ourselves in addictions, anxieties and depression.

How do we connect to the Mind within the Heart?  We have to stop doing what we are doing and take the time to go into the heart. We have to open our heart and ask it to show us the truth. What is the significance of the matter? We have to sit for a time and listen. No talking. No imagining. Just listen.

And how to we connect to the Heart within the Mind.   The heart in the mind will never tell you what you need. The heart in the mind reminds you that you have the power to choose what is best for you. The heart in the mind and the mind in the heart only come from love.

We need to learn how to differentiate from what is our truth and what is not. What we want and what other wants from us. So when  someone decides to put you down, or take you down, or malign you or you find yourself in a challenging situation that unexpectedly befalls you, you know that all you need to do is to remember, (RE-member) all the powerful, connected, harmonious, accepting, loving parts of yourSelf that you had temporarily forgotten.

Then nothing can affect you negatively again.


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  • Helena Ameisen

    So relevant to me at the moment. It’s learning to ‘remember’ in that moment when one is triggered. That’s the tricky bit.

    • Sharon Snir

      There is a wonderful way to remember.Elevating Love Consciousness is the way. Here is a video I recommend https://youtu.be/_wBnYm0mEfc

  • Tanya Fox

    So profound and helpful Sharon. I'd love you to be a Speaker at Sunday Discussions @ Random and talk about 'Did That Hurt You?" What do you say? Much Love, Tanya xx

    • Sharon Snir

      Hi Tanya, It would be my pleasure to give a talk about Did That Hurt You?

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