What Are You Calling This Year?

 In truth there really is no time. There is only Timing, Timelessness and  Timeliness. All requiring us to forgo and surrender the need to control what needs to happen and when. Both requiring us to release the shoulds and musts, the judgments what we deem good or bad and to recognize all this life is simply is a living vibrating canvas through which we have the potential to create the best meanings and moments possible.

  January brings a new energy and new possibilities and most importantly new dreams that await manifestation through the marriage of Intent  and Action.

I am calling this year The Year of Creating Marriage. What are you calling your year?

It is true that last year I studied hard and succeeded in becoming a marriage celebrant. The couples that will eventually seek me out to seal the sacred circle of union around them with joy and blessings will know if I am the right person for them, however before I marry anyone the most important marriage in anyone’s life is the marriage to one’s self.

  The union of our self to our soul and our soul to our essence is the most thrilling and challenging marriage we all have the opportunity to create. The commitment to standing under the canopy of Nature with ourself and vow to travel through life hand in hand with who we truly are, leads us to the whole and entire purpose of life.


I have spoken about the interconnection of Joy and Grief before and how these two Beings can and do coexist within the mammoth landscape of who we be. The magic occurs when we re-member that grief  is a powerful catalyst for growth and growth on every level of our being, ignites joy.

So how do we marry ourselves? Here are some of the ways I believe we can do it.


  1. Make time every day to meet and greet yourself without distractions. Write a page to yourself. Sit in contemplation in your favourite chair or on the beach or under a tree or on the edge of a cliff and declare, I am here. I Am HERE. I AM. Be aware that you are breathing and BREATHE. Expect nothing. Hold your own hand. Let all the upsets, concerns, confusion and doubts melt into the Earth and ask Mother Earth to transmute all this into light. You don’t have to believe it will happen. Just do it and sit.
  2. Write a list or what you accept about yourself. It may be your cooking, your sense of adventure, your assertiveness, your body, your feelings. And add to that list regularly.
  3. Write a list of what you don’t accept about yourself it may be cooking, your sense of adventure, your assertiveness, your body, your feelings. And add to this list regularly.
  4. Once a week (or once a month) choose one aspect of yourself  that you don’t accept and see if you can marry it to the aspect you do accept.
  5. No matter who we are, whether we live with someone or alone we have the opportunity, no the privilege, of discovering the beauty within ourselves.
  6. And when the time is right, write your own vows to the YOU that you love and respect. If we can promise our hearts to another, surely we can open and promise our hearts to ourselves.
  7. Allow these vows to be fluid, for change is inevitable, and we always do better to go with the flow.

   All these Actions need not be done in any order or on the same day.

They are steps to take regularly especially when your heart calls for someone to support and love you.

May we fall in love over and over again with the one person with whom we will always live. There is no time to do this. No time not to do it either.

Wishing us all a powerful, positive and purposeful 2023




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  • Nola Turnbull

    Oh, Dear Sharon, Your message is so timely. I have promised this year to myself. 2022, like most previous years I spent taking care of and being available for lots of people in need, it seems to be a part of my DNA. 2022 In particular I put aside lots of plans I had for myself to care for others and to see their needs and plans were met. I have claimed this year for my plans and needs. I will always help others, perhaps this year by making them aware of what help is available to them and who to contact. I have married a few times, been widowed and divorced. This year I will know the person (myself) I’m married too very well and expect by the end of the year to know her very much better. Thank you so much for including me. I really did need this to help me stay focused. Fond Regards Nola

    • Sharon Snir

      May this truly be your year to fall in love with Nola

  • JAN

    I have been giving myself strength and courage to conquer shocking pain after my open heart aorta surgery. It's been a daily journey conquering fear of the unknown and so rewarding when I can do a simple task. Only a month to go before I can drive my car and be pain-free. It will be great to have the freedom to drive. 2023 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and I'm a rabbit, so I'm looking forward to a wonderful year. But after my marathon, I'm giving myself a reward – a trip to Africa – the place where my heart is.

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