When Our Out-Look Ignores our In-Sight

It’s not the way I would consciously choose to learn, or to teach, but it seems to be the way my soul guides me towards a clearer understanding and a deeper knowing of who I am and how I choose to be.

For as long as I remember I have followed a particular pattern that allows me to see more clearly what is important. It consists of making a choice, taking some action, and accepting the ultimate consequence and recognizing what went well and what didn’t and why.


Over the past 23 years I was blessed with the guidance of a teacher who often reminded me that if I followed my intuition it would always lead me to a good place.

I love that word.


It includes being perceptive, instinctive and discerning. Intuition is the place where our soul guides us towards a deep knowing. Towards making the best choice for our highest good and therefore for the highest good of all concerned. Intuition invites us to feel and listen to our innate knowledge,  our sixth sense, our insight.

I love that word too.


The place within where we ‘see’ what is right and true for ourselves and sometimes others.

The trick, for want of a better word, is to not only be aware of our intuition and our insight, but to follow it. If we listen and see where our soul directs us and take action accordingly, the path is always going to lead us to where we need to go with effortless ease.

Recently my intuition came in a flash. It often does that.  I needed to do a dental procedure. It was quite complicated and I was about to go overseas 10 days later. I had a feeling it might not be the right time, so I said to the wife of the dentist, who was the secretary, maybe I should wait till after the trip. Immediately she said no need. It will be fine.

The intuition disappeared like a tiny puff of smoke and I went ahead.

Spirit never punishes. Spirit is never unfair.  Spirit simply offers us opportunities to listen to our heart and soul and trust our insight. Our own knowing.

The journey following that dismissed insight has been very challenging. Pain, infection, medication and more medication and more surgery. And all pointing to the fact that I knew and dismissed that flash of insight.

Our intuition does not linger once we ignore it.  Okay, says the Universe, let’s do it your way.

Our intuition is intrinsically connected to our free will.

You rarely get a second chance at intuition. Choose and your choice is yours.

So how do we recognize our intuition? And how do we allow it to guide us.

We develop an awareness to how our intuition talks to us. It could come as a feeling, a sign, a story we hear, a line in a book or a movie. Our intuition will use whatever it can to guide us towards taking the best path.

We develop the ability to be discerning. Intuition and discernment are lifelong friends.

Discernment is learning how to understand the message and not be unduly influenced by the messenger.  Discernment requires us to take our time to look at what is best for our own highest good and not take another person’s advice or opinion just because they appear to be an expert in the field.

That’s what I did.

I momentarily let go of my own discernment and listened to someone who seemed to know.

What a great reminder this has been for me.

We are all intuitive. We all have great insight.

And when we combine our discernment with our Intuition we are guaranteed the right path.

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  • jan

    This will be my mantra during this challenging time.

  • dahlia brigham

    Very true. Rarely is our intuition, aka gut feeling, wrong.

  • Adi

    ❤️ excellent lesson

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