Episode 12 Camille Fox “Continue to Live Life and Live Life Well”

Grief's Gift
Episode 12 Camille Fox "Continue to Live Life and Live Life Well"

Camille Fox was born in Alexandria in Egypt and left during the Suez Canal Crisis at the age of 6. After migrating to Australia she attended school and eventually studied painting and illustration at the National Art School. After a trip with her English husband to crossing the Sinai desert by coach from jerusalem she returned to the land of her birth and the memories of her early childhood started to flood her. On her return she asked her parents to tell her about life in Egypt and began pouring over family photos and books, joined groups and soon began painting scene in Egypt of yesteryear.

Life carries us into experiences impossible to imagine and the greatest loss of her life occurred ten years ago. our talk begins with her childhood and takes us into parts of her life  that she continues to navigate and overcome with grit and grace.

Camille Fox Art

Email: [email protected] Mobile: +61 403946463

Sound Production by Dan Nave, Executive Director of The Lab Studios,  whose

ongoing generosity continues to make these podcasts possible.

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