Episode 2 – Jan Latta

Grief's Gift
Grief's Gift
Episode 2 - Jan Latta

In this podcast my very dear friend Jan Latta shares not only the most painful time in her life, but the ways she chose to turn this time around and create a life she had never imagined possible. In this wonderful conversation Jan shares how the worst time in her life led her to make the hardest choice imaginable. To remain alone, whilst penniless, in a  foreign country, determined to make a life for herself without having any idea how she would do that. Ultimately Jan’s life work has led her to become an inspiration to thousands of children. Jan Latta was trained in advertising and later became a wildlife photographer, author, and self-publisher. She travels all over Asia to talk to school children about endangered animals. Recently she was one of three authors nominated for the Nance Donkin award.

To adopt an endangered animal  go to [email protected]

To contact the illustrious Jan Latta go to http://www.truetolifebooks.com.au

Acknowledgment and thanks to:

Sound Production by Dan Nave, Executive Director of The Lab Studios,  whose

ongoing generosity continues to make these podcasts possible.

Music:  New Dawn by P.P Buhne and T. Buono

Introduction: Life is a Journey by Smithereens





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