Episode 4 – Barry Eaton

Grief's Gift
Episode 4 - Barry Eaton

This conversation with Barry Eaton explores what death and dying mean to him. He looks at the the many different kinds of loss that human beings inevitably experience. Barry believes that we have come here to learn and likens us all to being the lead actors in our own play. When we pass over, whatever we learned and understood during that ‘play’ is stored and accessed, if we choose, when we return and become the lead character in our next play. He shares with us his greatest loss and although it left him shattered for a time, he has been able to use the love and partnership of that relationship to brightly guide him and many of his choices for the rest of his life. In other words Barry knows that we never really die, we just finish one play, and prepare to begin another, when the time is right.

Barry’s books include Afterlife, No Goodbyes, The Joy of Living ( Postponing the afterlife) and past Lives Unveiled

He produces  RadioOutThere  alternative, metaphysical and spiritual podcast an and his latest Podcast   Showtime

Acknowledgment and thanks to sound producer Dan Nave from [email protected]

Music:  Jess by P.P Buhne and T. Buono

Introduction: Life is a Journey by Smithereens

Sound Production by Dan Nave, Executive Director of The Lab Studios,  whose

ongoing generosity continues to make these podcasts possible.

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