Episode 5 – Time and Synchronicity

Grief's Gift
Episode 5 - Time and Synchronicity

Time is the one dimension that we have as yet not fully understood. We still refer to time as if it’s is something we can hold. We still say we don’t have enough time, or time is running out, or we apologize and say there is no time, as if we were referring to something material.

Time is not matter. It is a dimension. A dimension of Being. Space is also a dimension.

According to theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, in his book The Order of Time, time is an illusion. He says that in reality time is just a complex network of events onto which we project sequences of past, present and future.

In Rovelli’s second book “A World Without Time” he says that an event is just a word for a given time and location at which something might happen.  The task of physics is to describe the relationships between those events: as Rovelli notes, “A storm is not a thing, it’s a collection of occurrences.”  And that is what occurs when we are born and when we die.

So in actual fact when we talk about timing we are not really talking about time at all. We are talking about an event that occurred within the dimension of time and space.

And that takes events such a birth and death, loss and grief into a different realm completely. The timing of our birth and our death is for many very significant.  For so many of us we hold great meaning to the time we were born. But it is how and when a loved one dies that calls us to do what we humans, of all cultures find almost irresistible. We try to make some meaning out of it.

Such is the case of synchronicity sometimes defined as the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause, that is acausal. I however, do not believe in coincidences, at all. Nothing is without significance and from a spiritual perspective synchronicities ask us to release the control we have with our personality and allow the possibility that spirit is guiding us.  Synchronicities leave us touched and curious to the degree we now feel called to pay attention.


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