Episode 6 – Juliet Martine

Grief's Gift
Episode 6 - Juliet Martine

Whenever I get to be with Juliet Martine, our conversation takes on a life and rhythm of its own. We dive deeply and swim together through ideas and experiences, coming up for air only to dive back down and relish sharing and being together. And so it was when we met recently to discuss Grief and how the shifts and changes we experience through grief leave us with countless choices and opportunities to grow and flourish as well as how important it is to allow and accept the pain of these times. In this conversation healer, mentor, coach and author Juliet Martine speaks about letting go and how that process brought her and her family to a place she could not have expected.

Sound Production by Dan Nave, Executive Director of The Lab Studios,  whose

ongoing generosity continues to make these podcasts possible.

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