The Story of Makaya Revell-Part 2

Grief's Gift
Grief's Gift
The Story of Makaya Revell-Part 2

In the York Daily Record beneath the photo of Makaya and his mother Elizabeth Revell it says,

“Makaya Revell has had two mothers – one who saved his life, the other who saved his soul.

The two women never met one another, and on the face of it, seemed to come from different worlds. But there’s more that has connected them than hasn’t, starting with the boy they would both call son.

His is a story that centers on love and family, and while it could have happened anywhere, it started in a village across the Atlantic Ocean and leads all the way to Pennsylvania.

It was a journey he started by mistake. He made a decision in a moment of panic that changed his life, maybe even saved his life, and now, 19 years later, his focus is on saving others.”

Here in Makya’s own words is the next part of his story

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