Strengthening our Riverbeds

Grief's Gift
Grief's Gift
Strengthening our Riverbeds

“The Heart That Breaks Open

Can Contain The Whole Universe.” Joanna Macy

Shauna Janz says,

“Grief Speaks: My grief is your grief is our grief.”

“To feel grief is to be deeply connected, and to be deeply connected is to remain tethered to an open heart, to love, to vulnerability and to fierce compassion. I believe these attributes are necessary medicine for the healing and repair so needed in our world.  The tumultuous and painful experiences that crack us open into the wild terrain of our hearts, also opens us to the wild terrain of the world. Whether our grief is personal, collective and/or ancestral, it is a form of intimacy which allows our hearts to stay open and responsive to our own needs and to the needs of our wider community. I see grief as one gateway to personal, cultural, and spiritual healing if tended to with care and dignity”.

Sound Production by Dan Nave, Executive Director of The Lab Studios,  whose

ongoing generosity continues to make these podcasts possible.



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